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91  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 19, 2009, 09:16:52 PM
My plans are to keep the space for advertising. Though we could try to make it more like pseudo-advertising. I'm not sure what we can stick in there for now though (it's the least of our problems)

Speaking of which... I'm gonna have to remove my sig cause we lost the IMAGINE database it linked to.
92  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Tokyo 202X / Re: Ripped it, now watch it! [SMTIII Documentary] on: August 19, 2009, 07:51:46 AM
Ah man, snake eyes... after all that bittorrenting the file is corrupted.

Winace says it's corrupt anyway, but offers to continue. So it does, and then I mount the iso, and it will play some stuff from the beginning of the DVD, not sure how far... but all the titles/chapters go funny, and basically I couldn't get Windows Media player to go to one of the files.

On nice thing about rar archives, is you can generate checksums for each piece, and if your download turns up corrupted, you just gotta re-download the ones where the checksums don't match.

But anyway, I think soon it should be possible to arrange some way for you to upload the iso to the website. I know a 4GB VMware image was uploaded to this host without any trouble, so it should be possible.
93  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 19, 2009, 06:03:41 AM
Here's the last word from Google:


Thanks for providing us with additional information. However, after
thoroughly reviewing your account data and taking your feedback into
consideration, we've re-confirmed that your account poses a significant
risk to our advertisers. For this reason, we're unable to reinstate your
account. Thank you for your understanding.

As a reminder, if you have any questions about your account or the actions
we've taken, please do not reply to this email. You can find more
information by visiting .

I was so naive, I always thought Google was like the paragon of the benevolent mega corporation, but news flash... and after some research... Google makes Microsoft look like Santa Clause. We were the model site as far as Google's Adsense is concerned, I invested a ton of time learning the ins and outs of that system, and it waits until we're about to get payed out (in 100$ increments) to audit us or whatever and disable our shit. It took like a whole year. And of course if you click on that infernal little link there is nothing in that FAQ we've violated, and they Google refuses to tell anyone ever why it does anything. In fact if you have a "Google Checkout" account, they take the money for the stuff you're selling, and if they cancel you're account keep the money it was holding and leave you to honor your customers purchases.

Maybe Google is the Beast of Revelation(s) ...I freaking don't know. But anyway, there will be two prominent pages under the About page. One will be "Burn in Hell Hostpapa", and the out will be "Google Is Evil"... this site is gonna have to be more socially conscious I think. No reason why Megaten fans can't be progressive too.
94  Be Your True Mind / Find Your Voice / Is there any news fit to print? on: August 18, 2009, 06:06:46 PM
If there is any news fit to print, anything we've missed since the sites been down, or something recent that should be added to the blog, you guys might as well be working on it for when the site comes back in the next 5~7 days.
95  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 18, 2009, 05:52:46 PM
Here are the last words from

Unfortunately at this stage it is impossible to provide access as the primary account and files have been terminated off of our servers.

All the best,

Sherry L
HostPapa Webhosting
Billing & Account Activations

Ticket Details
Ticket ID: ZBB-818842
Department: Billing
Priority: Urgent
Status: Closed

So, at least on the bright side, we now know this is as good as it gets, and can start trying to rebuild the website... the pieces we lost that is.

PS: Oh yeah, Jose really did help in the end, but was pretty impenetrable. Anyway, I guess we are no longer involved with Jose in any way, and since he's never showed an interest in engaging with community, it's safe to assume he is completely in the past now.

PPS: If there is anything you all can do to help me expedite repairing this place... I will start making threads requesting your help. And if it isn't obvious, you can feel free to make new threads now... the bbs won't be changing any from here on~
96  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 18, 2009, 02:13:45 PM
The Hostpapa contract is really not that complicated. But it's ridiculous the way it tries to come off as appropriate. If it was straight-forward it would just say, "you have no rights, mwa ha ha! Suck it." But anyway, you kind of expect that, and I'm not sure if you looked you could find a web host with a different contract. But I was shocked to see the company actually operating that way... just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. But anyhow, it's going to be a ton of work for me, so while I'm at it, I will just take the time to smear Hostpapa's name across the internet... and I hope everyone will get involved (but won't hold my breath) ...consequences should have actions is part of my basic morality.

I think there needs to be an internet civil rights movement of some kind. I'd like to be involved with something like that, but I'm basically a technologist (word I made up) ...which means I choose to believe technology is the driving force behind the progression of mankind and politics is only short lived or an extension of technological developments. So I think I will just keep focusing on building technology mostly. It's ironic that the internet is largely responsible for the evolution of mankind's basic decency, but at the same time we have no rights on the internet period... not even as content uploaders/property holders. We as a community have no claim to this website, I as the uploader have no claim to the communities rightful property online, etc.

Anyway, I got a confirmation that there is nothing more we or anyone we can influence needs to be doing about the domain. The new timetable however is 5~7 days. So in like a week we'll be back at But I will still have to upload a lot of stuff we lost, and probably redo a lot of stuff. I've kept pretty good logs in my SoS thread about the really important stuff.

We lost pretty much all of the images added to the site since Tony dropped it. Hopefully I have copies of everything but matching up/finding all the missing images will be a chore.

97  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 16, 2009, 04:00:28 PM
From what I'm able to tell the domain transfer process seems to now be finalized and we're just waiting for the transfer to take effect, which we're told can take anywhere between a couple hours to 10 days (go figure)

Bad news seems to be the theme on the backup front however. Hostpapa is refusing to let us access our files unless we purchase a one year lease. Ethically this is equivalent to a landlord stealing/destroying all of the tenants property left inside the dwelling the second the lease expired or rent was not payed up confused

It sounds completely illegal, but the Terms of Service Jose signed off on (probably standard issue) might as well just say, "we (hostpapa) can do anything we want, so fuck off, and under no circumstances can you sue." (that bit in all caps -- why it's so long I have no idea -- afaik this industry is completely unregulated)

Anyway, it's completely unreasonable to not let us get our stuff out. So if we can't... we're gonna have to completely smear Hostpapa across the internet, and I hope everyone will help out. The odds don't look good.
98  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 14, 2009, 07:09:49 PM
We've been needing to setup something for donations anyway...

If evil doesn't mean unethical... then how can it mean anything in the professional world? On the surface Google appears to be very ethical (especially compared to old hats like MS and co.) but I'm beginning to worry that is more hype/pr than reality. With Google setting itself up as our global Big Brother it's shocking to see it deviate from universal ethical standards.

Wikipedia is an example of a huge entity that seems genuinely benevolent. It's a shame Google can't be relied on in kind I think. But it's also sort of foolish to do so even for wikipedia, but wikipedia would be a much harder problem to decentralize. Spanish wikipedia forked itself once I'm pretty sure I saw on Booktv, so it's probably possible. Hell it will probably be trivial for everyone to have a copy of wikipedia stored on their phones in short order. Wikipedia is probably the most valuable asset the human race has ever cobbled together after all...

99  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 14, 2009, 04:09:14 PM
I got to chat with Jose today:

It seems he was on vacation or something last week (good timing I know) but anyway, he is picking up the ball on his end. Hopefully there will be some developments soon.

(I changed Jose's screen name to "jose" for the sake of privacy)

jose: Hey

jose is online.
michael: yo
I just got your email
bad timing to be away for you I guess...

jose: Ah, perfect

michael: I'm just freaking out hostpapa will delete our files anyday or something
plus our users are a bit miffed

jose: I'm typing the request for hostpapa as we speak
Yea, its understandable, I'd feel the same way
I'll ask them if the can incude a backup of the DB and site in a zip file at least

michael: it's going to mean a ton of work for me if we can't secure the files on the server
are you still unable to loging via the cpanel?
from what I was told, it seemed like it should still work

jose: I haven't tried in a couple days, but I'll try again. I had to reset my password for their support center as well, and I have a hunch it might be the same one

michael: Since you don't seem to care about the host anymore
why not give me the passcodes once you're in?
just delete anything that you want to keep private (be careful not to delete our stuff)
then let us have it... unless you have other people with stuff in there??

jose: I guess it would be fine as long as I delete everything else on there
lemme just finnish up this email to HostPapa first

michael: whatever is easier
if I can't login, then you would have to get backups to me somehow
it's a pretty big website/database

jose: Yea, it probably wouldn't be smart to use a public file hosting site for that eithier

michael: I'm not worried about other people having backups... in fact I'd like to be able to encourage that. But it would definitely be a lot more round about way of doing things.

Sent at 3:14 PM on Friday
jose: Well, I mean the forum database specifically, thats something that shouldnt be public as it contains all the member's emails and info.
I can just RAR the db and put a password on it though

michael: yeah, I guess
though PMs is a bigger deal
whatever you prefer

jose: Yea, I almost forgot about those

michael: one sec....
a backup of the website I made back in January was ~550MB, zip
the files that is
the database is like 19MB
I'd like for you to do the same with the dbdb subdomain
and the database that domain uses is different
let me know if you can't find the name of the database that goes with the dbdb subdomain
it should be smaller than the main website

jose: I should be able to find it if I can get into the cpanel, I'll try logging in now

michael: if you do put it online to download somewhere.. hang around long enough for me to verify the contents of the download ok.

jose: I finished that email to them, if they don't respond in 2 days I'm going to open a new ticket
Alright, no problem

michael: let me know if you get into the cpanel
i have a feeling there are a number of domain transfer related settings in there btw
or domain security options I guess you'd call them

jose: I know there are settings for importing new domains and creating sub-domains for sure

michael: well you don't need to do that

jose: So they should have the other domain options

michael: (obviously)
but I think you can unlock the domain
and make the domain email address appear not to be unknown (which would probably make it appear to be your address)
from that point I think our host could transfer the domain to itself if it got approval from the domain's email address
from what I can understand, when you transfer the domain it needs to have an email associated with it
the privacy features taht is need to be turned off long enough for the transfer

jose: ok, good news
I couldn't get in with my hostpapa support password, but it looks like it might let me reset it

michael: the reason the privacy exists, is to keep spammers from finding your email address via whois, but you're not really suceptable to that unless you're email is exposed for a long time.

jose: this time it got as far as sending me the email, but then when I enter the confirmation code on the cpanel log in, I get the message I got last time:
Password Reset

Password change cannot be completed: Account is currently suspended! Please contact the billing/support department.
Which I already did, so hopefully they'll respond eithier today or tommorow

michael: yeah.... it always seems like hostpapa is trying to be difficult??

jose: At least when your trying to get away from them

michael: apparently a number of companies in the same business have a reputation of doing so
all of them actually from what I can tell
The biggest registrar is GoDaddy

jose: I know I won't ever be making an account with hostpapa again

michael: and you can see in their commercials, they've a pretty seedy corporate attitude
I was surprised to learn that hostpapa says it has unlimited storage/bandwidth
I never knew that
until I looked for the information
I would get ftp errors telling me out of space from time to time

jose: thats why I went with them originally

michael: yeah really
I think I told you once
I assumed other people using the host were filling it up
so I just took down anything big that was in our filetree like videos

jose: Their used to be an anime site on the account and that was the site with the most space used, but hostpapa removed it after a month

michael: and waited assuming someone would notice we were out of space and make room or something...
removed it??

jose: The anime, not the site
but that was way before d3 was associated with the account

michael: the new host we're moving to is not unlimited, but the storage limit is pretty insane
like 1500GB or something
probably more than you could fill if you uploaded all day

jose: Yea

michael: or downloaded... if you could use php to exec wget or something
ultimately I'm planning to move the site to a host I found
that only has like 10GB storage
but it has every feature I've ever wanted
so I can manage it like it was in my living room pretty much
we will keep the unlimited site for downloads

jose: Is it a dedicated server?

michael: no it's not actually
that's what surprised me
I think it's geared more towards software developers
but it should be fine for running a few websites as well

jose: yea, 10gb is fine for any medium sized site that doesnt have a large amount of donwloads

michael: basically it has SSH, compile/run any binary you want, Subversion, daily backups, and just every convenience you can think of
like it's designed by people who know what they're doing

jose: Is it expensive?

michael: I'll probably buy 5yrs at 6$ a month

jose: that isnt bad at all

michael: though I might shop around to find out if any other company is competing with this niche
I will find the url if you like
they advertise that there are far fewer accounts on each machine
than with a normal shared program
so that makes performance a lot more regular
also load balancing is employed
just saw it in a google ad while using gmail to deal with this crap

jose: Yea, that company actually sounds like they got the right idea


jose: Most people don't need tons of space anyway

michael: I will still have some questions first, but they will probably present no challenge

jose: thanks

michael: well we will keep an unlimited host for downloads
and just use the 10mb for lean/mean websites
so that way downloaders won't effect the overall performance of the website

jose: I'm going to try searching my old emails, I just remembered sometime while the account was active, they had to reset all their customer's passwords because of "security reasons", so maybe that password will work for the cpanel

michael: any media that is not builtin to the interface will also be on the download site

Sent at 3:44 PM on Friday
jose: Do you know if theres anyway to get gmail to organize emails by domain?
Like if I wanted to see every email sent by ""

Sent at 3:55 PM on Friday
michael: well if you do a search for
that will probably give you all the hostpapa mail
maybe if you add @ it could narrow things more

jose: thanks, I'll try that

Sent at 4:01 PM on Friday
jose: hmm...I can't find the email I was talking about
Maybe I'm thinking about the host I had before
I guess I'll just wait for them to respond

michael: stay in touch
I'll try to make sure gtalk doesn't crash/disappear

jose: Will do, I'll leave gmail open in a tab and check back every so often in case they reply
100  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 14, 2009, 01:18:43 PM
Oh wow, after having worked with Google for a while, I'm starting to have serious doubts about Google's viability as the backbone of the internet. The more I think about Google, the more it seems like a parasite, and the more foolish I feel for ever thinking any corporation should be trusted to "don't be evil". I mean, there are ethical conundrums all thruout Google's documentation, so how is that not being evil? Like "we can disable your account (which you've invested heavily in) without explanation" is that not unethical (ie. evil?) ...If you're gonna harm someone at least have a reason for doing it. Then if Google is saying it's not evil, while it knows it is (doesn't promptly apologize and right wrongs when someone points out evil acts/in their own documentation) that's duplicity, which is double evil. Eg. pretending not to be evil, while you know you are...

So anyway, I started thinking... how the hell can we give Google the boot? And fortunately, there is an easy answer. In reality Google is already a dinosaur. Web searching should be distributed P2P (technically the same way Google does it) only on private (preferably home) computers. I was prepared to write the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and inquire about initiatives. But there is already movement/ready-to-go-applications in this direction it seems (hopefully with clearly defined values) ....the two major ones are and it seems. Grub's technology is a little more interesting to me, but apparently grub is either a company that can be bought and sold, or was such a company back in 2003 but has now gone non-proprietary open-source (I'm not sure) ...Yacy is java based, but appears to be the more ethically predisposed of the two, and might still be a decentralized effort without any corporate affiliations or want thereof published under the GPL.

Anyway, I hope Google has the good sense to turn our Adsense account back on. And I will probably post some shit in the Google help forums (I think such a thing exists) before giving up, but I haven't heard back on our appeal in weeks now, and I don't see how Google could get off disabling accounts without the staff to listen to appeals (and without issuing a reason for doing so) I'm thinking I should start weaning myself personally off Google either way.

We have our sites set on a 3rd and final place to host this website and others which should provide unlimited possibilities. Once we get the site over there, I should be able to find another way to index the entire website for unified search without the help of Google. I also plan on making the website open-source at that point. So that technically anyone who wants to can help me program the website.

And if we make it that far, we can probably take down any automatic ads, but we could seriously use donations if we find ourselves in that boat, and would probably accept advertising on an individual basis, or maybe just use the space to promote other fansites and the corporate websites where you can buy megaten merchandise.
101  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 13, 2009, 07:33:51 PM
We don't know how much longer. The domain name expires on the 24th, and it's very possible we won't be able to secure it until it expires. It could be worse... it could have not coincided within a month of the site going down. I don't know what to say other than Tony and Jose are squarely to blame for all of these downtimes that have ever happened, but after this is all over responsibility will be completely out of their court / there should be no more existential troubles.

In the meantime I might go ahead and install a wiki, since it will be independent of the rest of the website. Though we won't really be able to attract editors with the whole url crap going on. Tony and Jose aside I never could have imagined host providers and domain name registrars could be so dysfunctional. But I don't understand why, Jose as the owner of the account, admitting he's doing everything possible, can't get access to his own control panel to backup the website / unlock the domain for everyone. That is really ridiculous. I was told how to access the control panel and backup the website, but I did not have the passcodes, so it was pointless. should be ready and willing to email Jose  the passcodes because his email is registered with the site.

As for there not being a better website (frankly this is a damn good website) for Megatendom, in my personal opinion people are just pathetic as a species and collectively deserve all the blame you can conjure up. I think it's a myth that you can put a community to work, if it isn't there, and lord knows with all the resources of this website, then it just isn't there to happen. In other words people have better things to do, or at least as far as they are concerned.

I agree gamefaqs and is a crap place to talk Megaten (just on principal) but the community is crap, and that's just reality. It would be nice to see the forums more active, but really the site exists for information, and if it fails at that mission it just fails.

PS: On the plus side we can now host stuff like your dvd image and videos on the website. Even though the original website was apparently supposed to be unlimited storage and bandwidth it didn't work that way. This one should and does. And we're not sharing it with anyone we don't know/can't count on/'won't think of us... errhm, Jose :cough:
102  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 13, 2009, 01:22:38 PM
What's the prob with your signature btw?

If you set it back to what it was, maybe I can make it work?
103  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / Re: The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 13, 2009, 01:20:17 PM
^I don't know what to tell you.

Wolfzau wrote us and pledged to help out once we are moving forward again.

Hopefully Jessicat will too.

Once the site is back it will be on a better footing than ever. Finally free of Tony's legacy of reckless abandonment.

Unfortunately in the meantime there was a major crisis at the Wikia Megami Tensei wiki. It turned out really bad for that wiki, so we will be installing our own branch of the wiki. And SeventhEvening is happy to lead that effort.

I don't understand why Jose can't be more helpful... especially in these final days. He has sent me a number of emails, but overall seems to be shirking responsibility at this point... so I'm predicting worse case scenario (just means more work for me, and probably a longer delay in getting the site back at

I don't know why people are so irresponsible. Tony, Jose,, even Google is balking us... you'd think it was all a conspiracy of fates against the website.

All I know is I've had enough of playing the constant white knight. Just what you get for being blessed with a conscience I guess rolleyes

PS: Apologies for calling this website "silly", but let's not take a video game fansite too seriously after all tongue
104  Reincarnation / Welcome Back / The NEW Reincarnation (2009) on: August 13, 2009, 11:39:07 AM
I dunno if anyone knows the website is here or not (I sent out a bit of a newsletter) but anyway... the situation is pretty dicey...

Just to have something to talk about, here is a sample of the sort of crap I have to cope with day to day...

A letter to Jose (after days of silence...)

I really feel like you're not helping at this point... this is so important for us, but you seem to really not care.

I've been told if we transfer the domain it will automatically be renewed for free for another year. But we can't do shit without your engagement. Below is what I'm told.... read "YOU" as in you, aka Jose:

Hello Mick,

Thank you for getting back to us.

I have noticed the Domain Privacy is not yet disabled for your domain ‘’. Also, I have noticed that the domain ‘’ is in locked status. Hence, your current registrar will not allow transferring your domain name to us and also you were not able to receive the transfer confirmation e-mail. Hence, please contact your registrar to unlock the domain name and to disable the Domain Privacy.

However, I have noticed that the domain ‘’ is expiring on September 24, 2009. The transfer process will be completed within 1 hour to 10 days. Hence, you can transfer the domain to us before domain get expired. A successful domain transfer will extend the domain name out one additional year.

Once the domain is unlocked and the Domain Privacy was disabled, reply to the e-mail so that we will initiate the transfer of your domain name. You can also check your domain’s status by performing a Whois search. Please follow the link to perform a Whois search for your domain: .

Please update the Support Console with the requested information, so that we can assist you further.


Sophie Sparks
Domain Registrar Specialist


Please get your shit together man. At least once be helpful to this community without dragging us along for the ride.

We should be in daily contact. I think we can probably still transfer the domain even within 10days of expiration, but I'm not sure. Just give a fuck for fuck sake. I put myself out like mad for this silly cause, the least you can do is what's expected of you.


As for, I gave up personally talking to them weeks ago. Seeing as I(we) have no rights in their eyes. I'm just looking forward to having to rebuild parts of the website, because I'm not seeing Jose's bum ass ever scoring us a backup at this point doh

Fucking curse Tony and Jose as far as I'm concerned. Deadbeats.
105  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Megaten Hell / Re: Demonic Illustrations & Resources [Latest: Random scans, Pg. 2] on: July 25, 2009, 04:19:56 PM
These are of these are really interesting. It's cool to see characters not done by Kazuma Kaneko. Any idea who the artist is btw? I'm assuming it's Atlus commissioned/owned artwork.

The smaller one is definitely of worse quality. But it could definitely help for doctoring the end of the sword / hopefully producing an image of some resolution that doesn't appear shopped.

I'm thinking about maybe using it as an avatar around the site, like on the games page. It's cooler, and the megamitensei.wikia wiki is using the same graphic we're using, so I'd rather have the cooler one maybe and then maybe use the old bros. avatar on the wiki pages to match the wikia logo.

PS: There's a good chance in an avatar situation the tip of the sword would get cutout anyway.

PPS: Since you seem to be knowledgeable of the Devil Children based games, do you think you could maybe find time to put something on our DC page (

Just something basic like (

We could also use a DC avatar.... but let's not let this thread get offtopic smokin
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