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Tag Ring | Digital Devil Saga »

A ring that all citizens of Junkyard are required to wear by law of the Karma Temple. It acts as personal identification and keeps track of the wearer's Macca balance. It also is used to access the Vendor, using Karma Terminals and contacting the Dissemination Machine.

Terminal | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

Large, cylinder-shaped objects adorned in Japanese characters. Terminals allow you to not only Save, but also to access the Amala Network.

Thousand Years Kingdom | Shin Megami Tensei II »

The paradise promised by the Messiaen church that is supposed to create, to save mankind. Hawk/Aleph is told by the Bishop of the Messihan religion that he is the Messiah that is to carry this task.

Time chain | DemiKids »

A chain that can erase small time rifts. Legend says that it links that past and the future.

Time Rift | DemiKids »

Scar that appears when time ceases to flow. Time becomes static and can make time fade away into nothing thus destroying the universe.

Time Tower | DemiKids »

The Mythical tower that houses Lord Light and Darklord. The roof connects the tower to other locations in time.

Tokyo Millenium | Shin Megami Tensei II »

A city created by the Messiaen church so that they can live without breathing in the infected air from the other districts as the world is destroyed.

Tribe | Digital Devil Saga »

A group fighting for supremacy in the Junkyard. The land is currently divided amonst six Tribes: Embryon, Vanguards, Maribel, Solids, Wolves and Brutes. Each Tribe is associated with a particular color.

Tribhuvana | Digital Devil Saga 2 »

The Elite Guard of the Karma Society. It consists of three members who represent Earth, Air and Heaven.

Additional Information: This term is spelled differently within the game. Correct spelling is up to interpretation.

The term means "three worlds". In Hindu literature these worlds are svarga (heaven), bhumi (earth), and patala (lower regions). Esoterically the tribhuvanas are the spiritual, psychic or astral, and terrestrial spheres.

Trish | Persona Series »

A female fairy with blue-green hair. Her appearance differs wildly between Persona and Persona 2.

In Persona 2 she occupies rooms within dungeons, where she charges ridiculous amounts of money to heal your party. A rumor can eventually be passed around that will cause her to sell stat-boosting ice cream for high prices.

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