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Cache Cubes | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

Floating, red-tinted, dice-like objects that hold items. Unlike Magical Chests, the items within Cache Cubes are static and never change. However, some contain traps that will injure your party. A smaller amount lead directly to fixed battles.

Candelabrum | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

Candelabra are used to open up new Kalpas within the Labyrinth of Amala. One is held by each of the Fiends, who are actively hunting out the others to complete their set. A handful are acquired by other means. Each Candelabrum calls out to the others, bringing their owners together to battle over who shall be the final posessor of the item.

There are eleven total: Sovereignty, Foundation, Dignity, Insight, Compassion, Eternity, Knowledge, Wisdom, Godliness, Beauty and Majesty.

Cell | Digital Devil Saga »

Items that are found about the Junkyard which can be sold at Vendors for decent amounts of Macca at the bequest of the Karma Temple. Different types of cells are worth different amounts.

As more Cells are sold to the Vendor, more items are unlocked for general sale. All cells except the Jack Cell sell for the highest amount when Solar Noise is at its highest. The Jack Cell sells for its top amount when Solar Noise is at its lowest.

Conception, The | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

The destruction of one world in order to give rise to a new one under a newly risen Kagutsuchi.

In this case, The Conception was brought upon by Hikawa in hopes of becoming the leader of the Creation of the resulting world.

Cuvier Syndrome | Digital Devil Saga 2 »

A term, named after its "creator", used to refer to the circumstance that led to the sun being blacked out; it is similar in appearance to an eclipse.

Normal humans are dried out into stone in this environment thanks to the data that flows from this "eclipse", but those with the power to transform into demons are immune. As such, normal humans have been driven underground or live within domes that block the data coming from the "eclipse"

Madame Cuvier refers to the situation as an "unfortunate accident" that the Karma Society are responsible for. Their work was initially meant as a warning to those who polluted and otherwise sent the earth closer towards its death.

Cuvier, Margot | Digital Devil Saga 2 »

Margot Cuvier is the head of the Karma Society and a former member of the United Nations. She is also referred to as "Madame".

It is safe to call her the main antagonist of the story. Under the Karma Society, she is responsible for the Cuvier Syndrome and the subsequent division of humans between acceptable and unacceptable.

Acceptable humans are given the power to transform into demons and thus the (hopefully) eventual return to populate the surface of the planet. Unnacceptable humans are kept largely for food purposes.

Additional Information: It is possible this name is based upon the French Naturalist, Georges Cuvier. Cuvier was a notable natural scientist who studied fossils and other forms of natural life.

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