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Data | Digital Devil Saga 2 »

Data, early on in the game, is referred to as the most simple building block of all things. It forms everything and as such it makes all things directly related.

See also: "Demon Data"

Demi-fiend | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

Describes a character who is half demon, and half human. The protangonist and Dante are both demi-fiends.

Demiloc | DemiKids »

A gun used to summon allies; it can store high level demons except for king class.

Demon | Digital Devil Saga »

This is one's true personality or "Atma". Everything born of God holds the informational possibility of demons.

Demon Artist | Persona 2: Eternal Punishment »

One of a few people in the Velvet Room, the Demon Artist is responsible for painting over Free Tarot. This process transforms the cards into any other Tarot of your choice.

Additional Information: The Demon Artist is very clearly based off of Kazuma Kaneko, whom we should all know as the artist responsible for much of MegaTen's look.

Demon Data »

Specific, malignant data important in the conversion of demons. This data reaches the earth through sunlight, where it naturally disperses in the atmosphere and is normally harmless.

Jenna Angel spent five years concentrating small amounts of demon data to form the demon virus.

Demonic Compendum »

Similar to the Devil Analyzer in previous games it displays the stats of demons. Only this is restricted to demons you have owned. Additionally, you can purchase[summon might be a better word]demons from this, as well as register your current ones. The Demonic Compodeum also provides a short biography of the various demons.

Devil Analyzer | Shin Megami Tensei II »

A function on the arm terminal that allows you to see the stats, attacks and alignments of demons who you've fought.

Dissemination Machine | Digital Devil Saga »

A large contraption housed within the Karma Temple that can only be accessed by Tribe leaders via their Tag Rings. It is used as a communication system between the Tribe Leaders and the leaders of the Karma Temple.

Additional Information: Dissemination is the act of spreading about something, such as information.

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