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North America gears up for a Strange Journey

Domenica, Gennaio 10th, 2010 by cj iwakura at

Atlus USA’s website for Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is now online. SJ marks the series’ Nintendo DS debut and according to the website is slated for a March 23rd release.

Mark your calenders and cancel all engagements!!

Included are a handful of character bios, as well as some background info on the gameplay and general setting, and some series history.

Much like the old Super Famicom Shin Megaten games, Strange Journey consists primarily of immense first person dungeons. There will also be demon recruitment, endings that vary based on alignment, and cryptic white-haired characters who may or may not be fallen angels in disguise.

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You Have Been Officially Spoiled - Persona OST

Sabato, Giugno 13th, 2009 by Emilio Morales at

In the most recent “Atlus Faithful” email, Atlus has announced that the upcoming re-make of Persona for the PSP will be released on September 22nd, 2009, and will come packed with a complete 2-disc original soundtrack of the game’s music in it’s entirety; not like the A side / B side Persona 4 had.

So mark your calendars, save some pocket-change, and be sure to pre-order your copy when it becomes available. Don’t miss this awesome Atlus Spoils re-translated edition of Persona for the PSP PLUS the full OST together in one exclusive package.

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Nasce il sito ufficiale per Devil Survivor di Atlus!

Martedì, Aprile 21st, 2009 by wolfzau at

Atlus USA ha lanciato il sito ufficiale di Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Nel sito sono presenti un gran numero di chicche per alleviare l’attesa;) :video in -game, screenshots e alcune intriganti informazioni sui personaggi e la storia.

“Magari mio cugino fosse così cool….”

Attualmente sono disponibili solo i profili di tre personaggi e qualche informazione sulla trama, ma i video dovrebbero bastare a scaldare qualunque fan di Megaten.

Presto saranno disponibili nuovi aggiornamenti, wallpapers, avatar, e naturalmente altre informazioni sul gioco e sugli undici personaggi principali, quindi assicuratevi di controllare spesso!!!

Oh, e non dimenticate di dare un’occhiata al sito »

Translated thanks to VMee

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Atlus USA Makes Game Developer’s Top 20 Publishers List

Martedì, Ottobre 9th, 2007 by Tony at

Things have been pretty quiet in the Megaten world as of late. Even in terms of general related Atlus news there’s not been too much to say.

Gamasutra has an interesting article up about Game Developer’s Top 20 Publishers. The list is generally dominated by the top players every one would name, such as EA, Nintendo and Activision. Of particular interest, however, is Atlus USA’s appearance in spot 18.

Pretty nice.

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Persona 3 Atlus Interview

Venerdì, Agosto 31st, 2007 by Tony at

Hey everyone. Just writing to inform you that our interview with Atlus for Persona 3 is posted on the site. There’s some discussion of FES, older SMT releases, the Japanese rating versus the US’s M rating and so forth.

Some of the questions were crafted before anyone at this site got to actually play the game (not to mention those who submitted questions in our forum). In those cases, anyone who has played the title will know how those components work. They’re being left in the interview for completion’s sake, but also because there is some interesting insight at times.

Super big thanks to both Aram and Yu at Atlus for taking the time to help us out, despite the headaches of the delay, E3 and other releases in the pipeline.

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Lunedì, Luglio 23rd, 2007 by Tony at

I noticed today that the official Atlus USA website has been redesigned. Kind of a surprise.  Head on over and check it out.

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