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La Stanza di Velluto
 Megami Ibunroku Persona “Be Your True Mind”

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 Shōmen Kongō

5thLv.  Emperor

 Aizen Myō’Oh

6thLv.  Hierophant

 Jack Frost

10thLv.  Lovers


11stLv.  Priestess


17thLv.  World

 Gozu Ten’Oh

18thLv.  Chariot


20thLv.  Lovers


24thLv.  Sun

 Cú Chulaind

28thLv.  Magician


29thLv.  World

 Tenjiku Tokubei

30thLv.  Fool

 Beidō Xingjun

33rdLv.  Chariot


37thLv.  Justice


39thLv.  Hierophant


41stLv.  Sun

 Taishan Niangniang

46thLv.  Priestess


47thLv.  Fool

 Sun Wukong

48thLv.  Chariot

 Qing Long

49thLv.  World


50thLv.  Strength


53rdLv.  Moon

 Zhu Que

55thLv.  Sun

 Kamakura Gongorō

61stLv.  Fool


62ndLv.  Judgment


66thLv.  Justice


66thLv.  Tower

 Huherdei Mergen

74thLv.  Hierophant


76thLv.  World


77thLv.  Devil

 Amatsu Mikaboshi

88thLv.  Tower

 Pallas Athena

90thLv.  Justice

 Vohu Manah

94thLv.  Judgment

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8 Responses to “La Stanza di Velluto
 Megami Ibunroku Persona “Be Your True Mind”

  1. Shin Says:

    Where did you guys get the images of the personae? I was trying to get ahold of something just like that. could you help me out, please?

  2. yksehtniycul Says:

    Emilio Morales ripped them from the game / donated them to the website to use. I don’t think he’d mind you having them. If you make a post in the forum I will try to help you track down a download for them. You can also email Emilio (his email should be available at various places around the site… I’d check out his forum profile first)

  3. yksehtniycul Says:

    PS: Emilio also has the cards and pretty much every sprite from the game. We were going to use them, but never really got to finish this database project (and may never) because a lack of overall interest from the participants involved.

  4. shin Says:

    thanks. I got them now

  5. Poena Says:

    Where can I get the persona sprite?
    I really want vishnu sprite!
    and nyalphotep (bad spelling) too.
    I try to look every site. but I can`t
    find it… can anybody give me the
    sprite icon. I really need them.

  6. yksehtniycul Says:

    I just fixed Emperor 62 “Amun Ra” today. Did not realize it was broken.

    Not sure what is going on with the bug that says “presentation failed to load” or how it effects the content (even though I programmed everything here from scratch some time ago)


    I apologize. I wish it was easy to download the sprite from the popup view. There is probably already a file on the website that has them all somewhere. But here ( is a zip of the images used on this page I just made. I will email you if you left an email in your content (and clean out the spam comments) now.


    Here are some additional personae that I suspect are not in the listing above.

    The last two are bosses, but the first I thought Reiji (Chris) “could” obtain but I am not positive about that. I do know it is also available as a one time item; but I think to get that you must sacrifice Lucifer. I am fairly certain that the second is Nyarlathotep. If I had to guess I would say that the first may be also but again I am not sure off the top of my head.

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    » The Velvet Room Megami Ibunroku Persona “Be Your True Mind”…

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