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More SMT merchandise coming this year!

Giovedì, 23 Giugno 2011 by Jessicat at

Both FuRyu and MegaHouse are back again this year with new sets of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona merchandise!

FuRyu has its next figure candidates for set 2 of it’s “Real Figure” [リアルフィギュア] series: Lucifer [ルシファー] and Kerberos/Cerberus [ケルベロス]. Lucifer is about 20cm [8"] tall, and Kerberos is 19cm [7.5"] long. Release date for these are July 25, 2011. They retail for 1,200 Yen each or 2,400 Yen for the full set.

Otacute is taking pre-orders for both: Lucifer | Kerberos

Hobby Link Japan has listings up but not taking pre-orders yet: Lucifer | Kerberos

amiami has their full set bundle pre-order sold out, but Kerberos alone is still available [no listing for Lucifer alone]
Full Set [sold out] | Kerberos

There are no official English news articles on this release, but more images and information in Japanese are here: | AtlusCh Blog

Game Characters Collection Mini Part II continues the figure series by MegaHouse, featuring these Persona 3 & Persona 4 characters: P3P female protagonist, Aegis (kimono), Mitsuru Kirijo, Akihiko Sanada, Yosuke Hanamura, Kuma/Teddy, Chie Satonaka, Nanako Doujima and one secret character. In the same style as the first series, these are small figures measuring 3cm [1.25"] tall. Release date is late May 2011. Retail price is 4,560 Yen for a random box of 12 figures.

Boxes are available for pre-order from:
Hobby Search | amiami

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Still on the Fence? Then Check This Out

Giovedì, 22 Luglio 2010 by wolfzau at

[suitable image needed]

It’s time for school

For those of you who are still trying to justify buying yet another version of Persona 3, this time for the PSP, head on over to where they are currently showcasing a 30 minute, in depth video of the game.

For those of you not in the know, P3P is a port/update of the highly acclaimed rpg Persona 3 which was originally released on the PS2. This updated version includes a new choice of protaganist, updated social links, new musical score, new endings and the ability to control all four party members in combat.

The one omission is The Answer, an epilogue game that was included on Persona 3: FES, released in 2007, also for the PS2.

If you are curious about this new reincarnation of Persona 3, then you can see the video here: link

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SMT & Persona figures to be released!

Mercoledì, 23 Giugno 2010 by Jessicat at

Atlus has been busy! There’s a bunch of SMT and Persona related figures in the works to be released later this year.

First are the “Real Figure” [リアルフィギュア] series by FuRyu, a set of 2 demons, Shiva [ シヴァ] and Thor [トール]

These figures are 17cm [6.75"], and are available as a set, priced at 2,200Y, or individually for 1,100Y each.
Hobby Link Japan is taking pre-orders for both figures individually. To be released October 10th, 2010.

Next are the Game Characters Collection Mini series by MegaHouse, featuring these Persona 3 & Persona 4 characters: P3 protagonist, Aigis, Aigis (uniform), Orpheus, P4 protagonist, Teddie/Kuma, Shadow Teddie/Shadow Kuma, Izanagi, Naoto Shirogane, Rise Kujikawa and 2 secret figures.

They are only 3cm [1.25"] tall, and are currently available for pre-order in boxes of 12 [randomly assorted] figures at 4,788Y a box [or 399Y each]. To be released September 2010.
Many online shops have boxes stocked for pre-order, including and

And finally, a Jack Frost soft vinyl figure! Manufactured by ArtStorm:

It’s 23cm [9"] tall, and no assembly or painting is required. No set release date yet, although it will be later this year. Here are a few sites still taking in pre-orders: | |

Info Sources: Real Figure / Jack Frost | | Animetsu blog

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You Have Been Officially Spoiled - Persona OST

Sabato, 13 Giugno 2009 by Emilio Morales at

In the most recent “Atlus Faithful” email, Atlus has announced that the upcoming re-make of Persona for the PSP will be released on September 22nd, 2009, and will come packed with a complete 2-disc original soundtrack of the game’s music in it’s entirety; not like the A side / B side Persona 4 had.

So mark your calendars, save some pocket-change, and be sure to pre-order your copy when it becomes available. Don’t miss this awesome Atlus Spoils re-translated edition of Persona for the PSP PLUS the full OST together in one exclusive package.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (PSP) “Coming to America in 2009”

Domenica, 1 Marzo 2009 by Emilio Morales at

In una recente email al gruppo ATLUS Faithful, Atlus USA ha annunciato che un remake migliorato di “Megami Ibunroki Persona” per PSP raggiungerà il Nord America in autunno. Sembra che Atlus stia prendendo sul serio questa versione aggiornata del classico per PS1, che presenterà novità nel gameplay, cut scene ridisegnate e una nuova colonna sonora interpretata da Yumi Kawamura, la voce di Persona 3.

Per quanto questa conversione non sia una sorpresa (dal momento che la serie “Persona” ha attirato parecchia attenzione, avvicinando molti nuovi giocatori al franchise di “Megaten” negli ultimi anni), noi qui a non vediamo l’ora di averlo tra le nostre mani, anche solo per poterlo giocare lo stesso anno dell’uscita giapponese.

Nelle prossime settimane saranno rilasciate altre informazioni, tra cui, speriamo, una data precisa e gli immancabili bonus che saranno inclusi insieme al gioco.

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Atlus Plans PSP Release for Megami Ibunroku Persona

Mercoledì, 4 Febbraio 2009 by Emilio Morales at

Atlus Japan ha annunciato l’uscita del prossimo gioco della serie Megaten per Sony PSP. Si tratta del remake di “Megami Ibunroku Persona: Be Your True Mind” pubblicato in precedenza per PS1. Tra le aggiunte confermate ci sono nuove cutscene in 3D, più punti di salvataggio, possibilità di scegliere il livello di difficoltà e un maggiore bilanciamento.

Il gioco uscirà il 29 Aprile in Giappone.

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