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S-Terminal | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

S-Terminals are smaller versions of the main Terminals scattered throughout the Vortex World. S-Terminals allow you to Save, just like main Terminals. However, they cannot send you to any previously visited place you desire, but only to the nearest main Terminal.

Shijima | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

The idealogy of The Assembly of Nihilo, headed by Hikawa and the Maiden. It requires strict organization, completely ignoring individuality. It results in a hard-set hierarchical soceity where emotions do not exist and change is considered unimportant and unnecessary.

Additional Information: Japanese for ìthree islandsî. Perhaps this can be used to refer to a holy trinity of sorts, formed by the characters involved.

Solar noise | Digital Devil Saga »

It acts similar to Kagutsuchi in Nocturne, measured into 16 phases, starting at "NEW", then taking 8 phases to reach "FULL". It then takes another 8 phases to reach "NEW" again. The fourth stage between each of these is referred to as "HALF". When Solar Noise is at “NEW” all status ailment in your party are healed.

Solar Noise | Digital Devil Saga »

A phenomenon of the sun that affects demons in various ways. The Temple explains it as an "informational disturbance", but not much else is known about it. It affects the Junkyard to varying degrees depending on fluctuations that appear to follow a cylical pattern. It is similar to Nocturne's Kagutsuchi in this regard.

Solids | Digital Devil Saga »

The burly Mick the Slug leads this Tribe, whcih is considered the third strongest. Their sector, Anahata, is surrounded by a fortress wall. It is often referred to as the Solid's Citadel for this reason. The wall is impregnable and is the reason for the Tribe's longetivity.

Their boundary color is yellow.

Souls | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

Souls in Nocturne are blue, ghostlike figures that appear on the field and world-map. They are merely fragments of the people lost in The Conception.

Unlike ghosts, Souls have no real recollection of the past or what they once were. They are more like memories that have some tie to the world even after being "purified" through death, rendering them unable to move on.

St. Hermelin High School | Persona: Revelations »

The High School where the hero and all his friends attend classes.

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