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Vanguards | Digital Devil Saga »

One of the initial tribes. Their territory is Svadhisthana and their leader is Harley. The color they use to mark their boundaries and uniforms is green.

This Tribe was locked in battle with the Embyonwhen shafts of light erupted from an unidentified object on the battlefield.

Additional Information: A vanguard is the forward division in an army.

Velvet Room | Persona Series »

A "shop" where Personae can be summoned for your characters' use, provided you have the correct ingredients.

The functions of the Velvet Room differ strongly between the first and second game. In the original you combine two demon contact cards (and an optional item), which Igor utilizes to summon the proper Persona.

In Persona 2, Tarot cards are used. These are gotten in a variety of ways, but basically you need a certain number of the proper card to summon a Persona. The game also makes use of Free Tarot cards. These are blank and can be redesigned by the Demon Artist into any other type.

Fully leveled Persona can be traded in for items of varying importance and strength, if you so choose.

Vortex World | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

The Vortex World is what Tokyo is refered to after The Conception. It contains only Tokyo in an inverted, sphere-like layout, as if the city itself was turned inside out. Kagutsuhi resides in the center of the Vortex World.

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