Kotobukiya One Coin Figure Series - Shin Megami Tensei - 2005

Kotobukiya is a Japanese based company that specializes in figurines and toys. A vast majority of their products are available only in Japan in local stores or online. A small amount have been realeased in English speaking countries under the Koto, Inc. name.

Early in 2005, Kotobukiya released a new set of Shin Megami Tensei figures through it's One Coin Figure Series. One Coin gets its name from the simple idea that the product can be bought with a single ¥500 piece. Due to their price, this series is very popular and has had new figures based on all sorts of games, anime and other properties. This is not the first time that Megami Tensei in general has had a One Coin release, although the last set was (as far as I can determine) from another company.

Unfortunately, the boxes themselves give absolutely no indication as to which figure is inside. Luckily, most online stores and auctions on eBay feature auctions for specific characters in already opened boxes. The figures, unlike the last Megaten related One Coin series, are made of soft plastic and can thus withstand being bent and prodded, which is quite nice considering a few have to be put together. This particular release is hit and miss in terms of contruction and design, however. A few really do stand out, such as the Jack Frost and Jack Lantern figure.

In any case, pictures speak louder than words, so click the thumbnails below to see full-sized images of each included character. (Mary, unfortunately, is missing the top half of her candelabra).


Shin Megami Tensei One Coin FiguresShin Megami Tensei One Coin FiguresShin Megami Tensei One Coin FiguresShin Megami Tensei One Coin FiguresShin Megami Tensei One Coin FiguresShin Megami Tensei One Coin FiguresShin Megami Tensei One Coin Figures

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Photo galleries from Seraphpiyo’s private collection

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2 Responses to “Kotobukiya One Coin Figure Series - Shin Megami Tensei - 2005”

  1. seraphpiyo Says:

    The SMT figurines produced by Kotobukiya are just delicate and marvelous, I think they’re worth collecting^-^

    And here’s my album of figurine collection:


    and Kotobukiya SMT figurine official website:


    Guess which demon is the secret character in Series 5?

  2. Digital Devil Database Says:

    Thanks for the links Seraphpiyo!

    Thanks for donating your photo collection to digitaldevildb.com as well. Can’t wait until we have a proper page for them all, but for now I hope our readers don’t mind visiting your blog.

    And please don’t miss Seraphpiyo’s Pantheon Workshop. Her homemade crafts are even cooler than the Kotobukiya set @:c),

    Hmmm?? I wonder which one was the secret…

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