Oggetti da Collezione

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  1. seraphpiyo Says:

    I have the other Kotobukiya SMT figures including Series 2~6, but not all the characters are collected. Just think that maybe I could provide the photos of the other Kotobukiya figures, thanks.

  2. Digital Devil Database Says:


    We need to setup a proper page for these anyway, perhaps with better views of the figures as well.

  3. seraphpiyo Says:

    Eh, how can I send these photos?

  4. Digital Devil Database Says:


    Right now, you can bring it up in the forums and we can work something out. Or if you’d rather wait there are plans to allow our registered users to upload files into our “Media Library”, which will be here:


    I’m can’t say how long it’ll be before I can work all that out, but for the meantime forums are probably the best way for us to get started!

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