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Persona 3 Manga Translations Thanks to Gekkoukan High Scans

December 1st, 2007 by Tony at

A group by the name of Gekkoukan High Scans has taken on scanning and translating Shuji Sogabe’s Persona 3 manga series. It closely follows the events of the game, although it seems certain liberties are taken (earlier appearances of Aigis, for example) to help enhance the storytelling. Currently three pieces are available, all of which are up for download through their site. They’ve done a really nice job with them.

Persona 3 Manga

GHS has a surprisingly large staff; we wish them all luck with this project and any others they might take on. Thanks a lot to the founder of the project, Mienai Kitsune, for pointing out their work so far. Be sure to check it out.

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2 Responses to “Persona 3 Manga Translations Thanks to Gekkoukan High Scans”

  1. camila Says:

    pliss ponga la manga completa porfass

  2. Digital Devil Database Says:

    ^Maybe you wanted something like this ( ?

    Hopefully we will have the pages cleaned up soon. We have a few other hard to place volumes as well. From what I’m told the entire set has not been completely scan/fan-translated.

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