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More Information on -trinity soul-

November 28th, 2007 by Tony at

We first reported on the new Persona anime, -trinity soul- a few days back. Emilo points out that it now has its own dedicated website.

The site features a brief description of the show. As mentioned before, the series takes place ten years after what happens in Persona 3 on the PS2. The anime appears to focus on a new set of characters: Shin Kanzato (a 17 year old student), his younger brother Jun (a 14 year old student) and their eldest brother Police Chief Ryou (28 years old).

The site also reveals some more of the staff involved. Makoto Matsumoto is directing the series, Taku Iwasaki is responsible for the music, Yuriko Ishii is working on character designs based on Shigenori Soejima’s original designs and the animation itself is being handled by A-1 Productions.

We’ll be sure to let you know if there are any new developments.

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