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If you’d like to be included in the links below feel free to contact us and we will add you as soon as possible. Those we talk to directly and have an up-to-date Megaten related site will be stuck in the affiliates section up top. –Tony 

Megaten Related Affiliate Sites

  • barocoBaroco ( An excellent French Megaten site with tons of information and images on the series. A great listing of related items such as anime, artbooks and soundtracks. There’s even some information on the original novels. Definitely a must see whether you know French or not.
  • DDS Series Unofficial Fansite DDS Series Unofficial Fansite ( This one isn’t in English either, but it’s full of great information and constantly updated. Definitely worth looking through on a regular basis.
  • Nocturne Help GuideShin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Help Guide ( A well presented site with very useful information on various aspects of Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. Be sure to check it out if you’re playing through the game.
  • Reason, the Hitoshura/Demi-Fiend fanlistingReason, the Hitoshura/Demi-Fiend Fanlisting ( A very nice fanlisting for every one’s favorite protagonist.
  • Gekkoukan High ScansGekkoukan High Scans ( A scanlation group started with the goal of translating the Persona 3 manga.

English Megaten Links

  • Atlus USA ( The homepage of the US arm of Atlus.
  • Kuzunoha ( A collection of several useful and interesting things including a Megaten Wiki, image gallery, Megaten manga translations and, most importantly, the Megaten Haven messageboard. Be sure to check it out.
  • Room 303 ( Collective of both Crime and Punishment and The Allegory of Whatever. Very good sites with lots of really insane information that I’d never be able to research into myself. If you want Persona 2 background information this is the place to visit.
  • Persona 2: Tsumi x Batsu ( A great little site with a lot of very useful information on both Persona 2 titles.
  • The Velvet Room ( A nice Persona oriented website that, unfortunately, seems to be no longer updated.
  • Oracle of Maiya ( Contains a complete English script for the unreleased Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Amazing work.
  • DDS-Net Webring ( A webring collecting many English language Megaten related websites.
  • Vortex ( The official fanlisting for Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.
  • Healing Vision ( The official fanlisting for the Persona series of games.
  • Unofficial SMT:Nocturne Information Page ( A small, but useful site made by a fan that collects links to other major sites’ coverage of Nocturne. It seems to be no longer updated for obvious reasons.
  • asylum garden ( Personal website featuring illustrations of many titles including the Megaten series.

Japanese/Chinese Megaten Links

  • Atlus of Japan ( The Japanese homepage of the company responsible for the series.
  • Atlus’s Megaten Portal ( A direct link to the massive section that encompasses all Megaten related things out of Atlus Japan.
  • Shin Megami Tensei Card Game ( The official website for the Japanese card game.
  • DDS Series Unofficial Website ( Based on my experience, this is probably the best and most updated Megaten site on that side of the ocean.
  • DJ Joker ( Japanese fansite that deals with the series; largely seems to act as a Japanese Megaten search engine.
  • Emburion Alliance ( A joinable listing of Digital Devil Saga fans. Includes some cool icons and an awesome MCleaner skin.
  • Support Homepage For Persona Series Works ( Decent sized page with an abundance of Persona information. Japanese heavy.

  • MDH: ( Personal site with fanart from a few titles, including Megaten related games.
  • G. Owariya Cyber Kowabaran ( Personal site with information on Megaten as well as lots of fanart for various related and un-related titles.
  • DIGITAL VITAMIN ( Another personal site with a large variety of very cute Megaten related fanart.
  • Katarina’s Aguniijiri ( Small page with insanely cute animated GIFs of Heat’s demon form from Digital Devil Saga.
  • GATE ( Site with a variety of writings and really nice fanart, some involving Megaten.

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