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Assembly of Nihilo | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

The headquarters of the group led by Hikawa and the Maiden that follow the Shijima idealogy. It contains the Core utilized with the Nightmare System.

Additional Information: ìEx nihiloî is a Latin phrase meaning ìfrom nothingî, often used to describe the idea some scholars hold that god created the universe from nothing. This is very similar in concept to the methods utilized by the Shijima.

Atma | Digital Devil Saga »

Atma is the power gained by different people within the Junkyard that allows them to transform into demons. The Karma Temple declares this demonic power the true nature of an individual's Karma.

Those who have gained Atma must devour their foes in order to survive. If one resists this urge for too long, he or she will permanently become a demon and suffer an insatiable hunger for blood. Those affected by Atma can be identified by a strange marking on their bodies.

Additional Information: Written in Sanskrit as "Atman" (although pronounced "Atma" either way), it is roughly translated as "soul" or "ego". The concepts of this word differ between Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Hinduism it is regarded as an underlying metaphysical self. It is interpreted by some schools as the ìMain Essenceî of man, as his Highest Self.

In Buddhism, the concept of Atman is the prime consequence of ignorance (the cause of all misery), which is the foundation of Samsara (reincarnation).

Avatar Tuner | Digital Devil Saga 2 »

Term used to refer to those capable of changing forms between demon and human.

Additional Information: While the word "avatar" has various meanings (including an internet form), the most direct association here is its Hindu origination. In that belief system, an avatar is an incarnation of an immortal, holy being. It derives from the Sanskrit word Avatāra which means "descent" and usually implies a deliberate descent into mortal realms for special purposes such as a decline in righteousness and an increase in evil.

The tie in to Digital Devil Saga is rather obvious considering that the demonic forms of the main protagonists and antangonists in the story are all based on gods and goddesses in some fashion.

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