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June, 2011

Hello anyone reading this site / still checking in now and then to see if anything has changed.

As far as I am aware, there is nothing newsworthy happening Megaten wise these days years. I am aware Persona 2 received a re-release treatment for the PSP similar to the treatment Persona received a while back.

Any past users are welcome to login via the front page and write new posts and articles for the site whenever they please. I don’t know if I personally will see the new activity immediately so that the new content can be published, but there is no rush… and maybe I can setup some kind of notification system for myself if I try (who knows)

I’m leaving forum registration off for the foreseeable future… at least until (heaven forbid) things might start looking up for Megaten / this website.

Registration is also disabled for the front page. If you’d like to contribute posts/articles you can post a comment to this news post which will allow us to see your email address in order to register/contact you.

I don’t personally follow any Megaten fan sites myself. I’d be curious to know if there are any new ones or old ones with a presently very active community (excluding Gamefaqs)

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  1. yksehtniycul Says:

    PS: I am btw focusing my energy on this ( website and related fare these days.

    KING’S FIELD and Armored Core are higher up on my list of priorities. But I’d like to apply the same treatment to Giten Megami Tensei at some point.

  2. Digital Devil Database Says:

    Below is a comprehensive rundown of Megaten “news” over the last year or two. You can discuss any of this stuff here or maybe write a blog post about any of these for the site.

    Jessicat (from the forum)
    -Persona 2 Innocent Sin to be released in Japan for PSP:
    -Devil Survivor Overclock[ed] Japan and North American releases confirmed for the 3DS: |
    -Devil Survivor 2 coming out in Japan this summer for the DS:
    -Catherine is Atlus’ first “next-gen” console game but it is NOT related to the Shin Megami Tensei series
    -More SMT and Persona merchandise! [as noted below]
    -Devil Summoner Raidou manga being scanlated by a user on livejournal; need to ask for permission to cross-post/host here [Emilio was also reposting pages in Spanish on his blog as well]
    -Atlus “D” Shop has reopened with even more exclusive merchandise:
    *edit* More new news!
    -Persona 4 is slated to get an anime series:

    We also accept (and really appreciate) “retro” news posts about stuff that happened in the past and more or less any kind of Megaten related article.

  3. innovative Says:


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    » June, 2011…

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