FYI: The Database Needs Contributors…
Or, If you thought we have a writing staff, think again!!

Ever since the website was resurrected (after a nearly fatal fumble left it without a soul to tend to it’s needs) there has been a gulf where it was hoped wayward writers would find their way. We have waited and baited to no avail. So in one last ditch effort we’d like to make it plainly clear, we have no writing staff (in case anyone had presumed there was one.) In fact the website is user generated. Anyone and everyone are welcome, and encouraged, to make a scene in our forums, and we’re pledged to scramble to see that your contributions find a way onto the website. And anyway, this is how the website works now in case someone didn’t get the notice!

Oh, and on a not-unrelated note. The website will need to raise at least 100$ per year by way of the ads (per click) or there is no guarantee it will survive from year to year. So far we have almost 60$ in our coffers, but the current trend is not projecting in our favor. Observing our advertisements is a very easy way to support the site that anyone can do. Please consider doing so. Many people have worked hard to make this website possible, and now so can you! There are no more barriers (or excuses) just possibilities.

We have to find an English editor fast or else!!
Translators also welcome…

March 2nd, 2009 by Digital Devil Database at

Without an English editor we can no longer continue to add timely content to the website or news blog in English. We always love to see new contributors, but we must find someone able to read and write English with enough ability to produce a passing paper for a college level course. An editor does not need to write new content for the database, but is needed to correct new content of varying quality prior to publishing. We need righteous people to help us get the job done! Please consider lending your talents to our effort…

On a less dreadful note, we’re nearing completion of our translation facilities. And would very much like to welcome anyone who can read and write two languages, and preferably one with native fluency, to help us translate our website’s interface and many articles. Please don’t hesitate to offer your support. This is a collaborative effort, so it is great to have as many people as possible working together to provide support for a new language. It is ok for the website to be partially translated. Our aim is to provide readers with the best information without inconvenience. Just pledge to help and we will add support for your favorite language and make you its first translator!

Our policy is to compensate our contributors, past and present, for all time. Contributors receive an agreed upon portion of our advertising revenue, renegotiated each quarter.

March 4th: Wow! Already three readers have offered their editing services. Even still, please don’t hesitate to jump into the fray! Also, we always need as many translators as possible. Thanks everyone who came to our side so promptly! Screen names will be posted soon.

March 11th: Update! In the last week we’ve had interest from Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, and Italian translators. (I hope no one has been forgotten!) If all comes true there will be nowhere in the world to hide from our database!! Mwa ha ha…

Btw, if you haven’t noticed the Spanish side of the website, just look closely at the top of any webpage on the site - or you can click this link »

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9 Responses to “FYI: The Database Needs Contributors…
Or, If you thought we have a writing staff, think again!!

  1. Benedict James Says:

    Am interested in the English editor job guys. Am a Mass Communication (hons) graduate and have done website content editing before. Email me so we can arrange something. Thanks!

  2. Sergio Says:

    Hey, if still interested in a person fluent in many languages I speak Spanish(native), Portuguese, English and German. All fluently (well German as in the German way, differs from Austria/Switzerland) and have done some work before in website writing.

    Any other information you require please e-mail me with the contents needed.

  3. Digital Devil Database Says:

    Of course we’d die to see all of those languages across the top of the website!! And yes, we will email you. But also please feel free to register in our forums and follow the “Forum Discussion” link from this post to discuss how you can help.

    We are a pretty rag tag bunch. So we don’t pay flat out for translation or anything. We will just split our advertising revenue up based on who has contributed what (decided in concert) for all time. So naturally the wider our audience (worldwide) the more eyes that will see our ads/site. That’s the plan at least~

    PS: You might also like to know, that the help around here is tending very Spanish lately. Most likely Spanish will soon be the first language of the website. So you should fit right in to the scheme of things whenever you’re ready.

  4. Luca Says:

    hi guys, i already left a message in the forum, but since i’m not sure… I’m Luca, from italy and I’m a translator (it’s my job:)) I would be glad to help with an italian version of the website, of course I don’t expect any payment, as a fan of the series it’s all for the love of it, and a little resume, of course;))
    feel free to contact me if you want

  5. Digital Devil Database Says:

    So far we’ve had several pledges to help with English editing. And some actual editing work from Wolfzau, who has also offered to help translate Chinese to the best of his ability. Luca (aka VMee) has also begun work on the Italian front. We haven’t heard a word since from Sergio unfortunately. So German/Portuguese is still a no go. Today in the forums a Dantess has pledged to start work on French. We have more than a few Spanish speaking parties knocking on our door, and some leads who’ve yet to really make an impact, but our fingers are crossed they won’t flake on the database.

    No offense to past volunteers, but the ratio to reliable help versus one off disappearances is very high! So please before you offer your services, give some thought to what you’re getting into. Also if you’re drunk or under the influence of some mind altering substance… please wait until you’re sobered up (or at least in your usual frame of mind)

    With that said,

    Thanks everyone so far on behalf of!!

  6. Honeyman Says:

    Hello there. I know I’m a bit late to the party but being a Japanese Studies graduate I would be happy to help and assist with translating parts of the website to and/or from Japanese if you would like. Although I am not perfect I would be happy to earn my stripes and helpt towars this cause. Let me know what you think.

  7. Digital Devil Database Says:

    You can never be late… seriously — the site will die without a constant stream of volunteers.

    I can help with Japanese as well, as can many others I’m sure… but I just don’t have the confidence (or time) to go it alone. I guess it would be nice to have a Japanese translation effort, as that is the native language of the games you’ll find here!!

    On the other hand, I have a feeling Japanese Megaten resources are already abundantly available. It’s hard to imagine becoming a source for Megaten info for Japanese internet users… but hell, no reason not to add Japanese to our lineup.

    We’ve already put many translators thru the ropes. To start just register as Honeyman in the forums, and read the thread that accompanies this post, and let us know if you need anymore help, or when you’re ready to get started, and I’ll set things up for Japanese asap~

  8. No One Says:

    Like most of you, I am a big fan of the SMT series.

    I’m Arabian, hense, if you want any help with Arabic-related advertising, I’ll be more than glad to help.

    Just for the record, I don’t really have any experience in advertising or the like. But a little advertising could never hurt.

  9. Digital Devil Database Says:

    All of the advertising is targeted by Google. If you can help translate the site into Arabic that would be really fantastic! And as it happens, any pages in Arabic should start displaying any Arabic advertisements Google has available…

    Just register with the forums, and we’ll help you get started. We get many offers to help with translation however, that usually never get past a comment or two. So please don’t be offended if we’re not too enthusiastic at first.

    It’s always cool to hear about fans all around the world…

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