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Nirvana Now Archived at Digital Devil Database

20 Marzo 2007 by Tony at

Those who visit this site are likely familiar with Nirvana, a fan site for the Digital Devil Saga series. Somewhat recently, the owner, Argilla, decided to close down the domain it was hosted at. She has a short post discussing this and the future of her sites at right now.

As such, Nirvana no longer had a home. She brought this up to me and figured the best bet would be to host it here, something I had already offered when it was down once before (although only temporarily).

So, basically, Nirvana is now hosted at this site. It will always be reachable at If you’re looking for more Digital Devil Saga information than is currently provided on this site, Nirvana is really the best place to go. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

I figured I could also mention that if you have a Megaten related site that you’re just not interested in hosting any longer for whatever reason, I’m more than willing to archive it here. Just send me an e-mail. I would make zero changes to it and it would simply be here for informational purposes. I’d hate to see some of the sites out there simply disappear.

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One Response to “Nirvana Now Archived at Digital Devil Database”

  1. Digital Devil Database Says:

    For old time sake the subdomain is back probably for good. In time pages under will redirect to the appropriate page. Hopefully the redirection will be virtually painless for everyone.

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