Gemini and Crew promise to patch Soul Hackers?!

Despite never being made public until now, Gemini and Tom have announced that they have been working on a patch for Soul Hackers for over 8 months now. They haven’t said how much of the patch has been completed but they assure us that the game has less text compared to their last patch, Innocent Sin.

The patch will be released for the PS1 version of Soul Hackers, and they will probably give us an update soon enough referring to the advancement of this project.

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2 Responses to “Gemini and Crew promise to patch Soul Hackers?!”

  1. yksehtniycul Says:

    It’s a little late for April Fools this time @:~),

    PS: Wow weird… Echo Night 2 ( to boot! I’ve been spending all my time over at here lately and debating grabbing EN2 offthe Japan PSN. I wonder if there is any hope for transcripts?

  2. Digital Devil Database Says:

    Like to thank Wolfzau for editing the English version of Emilio’s post some.

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