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Coverage of IMAGINE will be Coming Soon…

Saturday, November 1st, 2008 by Digital Devil Database at

We have our phasers set to IMAGINE! And are dedicated to finally giving Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE some timely coverage. We are committed to covering everything Megami Tensei in-depth even if it sometimes takes a little longer than we’d like to rally our forces. Expect retro-posts and up-to-date posts and updates just over the horizon. Including detailed information pages just as soon as we can get them to print.

We have a new author, Aren, who has volunteered to focus efforts on IMAGINE exclusively. We have their word they’re committed to the cause. The rest of our crew will be doing everything they can to help. And our new administrator, yksehtniycul, is also banging out a new IMAGINE page with up-to-date and in-depth information regarding the Japanese IMAGINE experience so far.

IMAGINE is filed under the database’s Megaten Online page. These pages our by far our most popular at this moment in Megaten history. We’d like to apologize to our readers, who were probably unable to find their sought information within our pages. We hope however that our pages have been there to shed some light on IMAGINE to date.

update: There is a new IMAGINE news item retro-posted just a few posts down from this one on the front page…

Retro-posted January 21st, 2009

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Site Updates

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007 by Tony at

There’s some exciting things afoot for this website. With the addition of new staff (and all of those who offered to help, thank you! I’ll be in touch soon) I’ve found a lot more motivation. It’s amazing what a little help can do.

One of the things this is leading to is a complete overhaul of the backend of the website. The benefit for every one is that it will be completely and totally controlled from a control panel, which is not 100% true of the site currently (aside from news posts and some custom work done by Alan). The hope for this is that, essentially, anyone can be taught to update every function of this site with extremely minimal, basic HTML knowledge (and even most of that can be copied and pasted from example elsewhere on the site).

This should lead to far quicker updates (particularly in terms of the game pages as they’ll be the most affected by this), amongst other perks. The benefit for users beyond this is a lot of neat little options that normally haven’t worked like I would have liked. This includes a full site search, RSS feeds for any search you like (so, let’s say you really care about Yukari, search her out and subscribe to the resulting feed and you’ll be told every time something about her pops up anywhere on the site), larger thumbnail images all across the site, video adjustments (embedded and downloadable) and so forth.

I know we’re coming off a pretty recent redesign (although it will likely follow this current art style very closely), which makes this somewhat of a surprise (and perhaps even an annoyance to some). However, I bring this up largely because 1.) I want to reiterate this site isn’t dead (I’ve even been offered help by a few people on the Demonary… yes it is real, Alan finished the coding on it several months ago) and 2.) there will probably continue to be few news updates until that time comes.

Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding during this, but it will definitely be worth the time (I’m aiming for December at this point). I’ve worked very hard on this site over the years, I’m proud of that work and I hope to improve upon it significantly in the months to come.

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Staff Updates

Sunday, November 18th, 2007 by Tony at

Hey everyone. Sorry about the lack of updates as of late, but I have to admit that I’m finding it harder and harder to work on the site. As such, you will begin to see more updates from our only other staff member, Traci. Traci has remained the only person who has ever contacted me about helping with the site who has seen anything through. As such, I’m happy to be passing a lot of this on over to her. In a sense, she’s basically taking over Digital Devil Database (although I will be around).

So, please give her a nice welcome as she gets used to all of this and we finish up the transition.

If anyone else is interested in giving her a hand with news updates or whatever else, feel free to let us know. Thanks!

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Persona 3 Section Additions

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 by Tony at

I updated the Persona 3 portion of the site today. The Overview section now has three additional subsections which cover the battle system, school life components and Velvet Room concepts. These are all based upon the English version of the game and provide a general review of how each of these aspects of the game work. I figured separating the section would make it far easier to digest and expand in the future.

Expect more updates during the remainder of the week.

Update: The link issue for the Battle System / Dungeons section has been fixed.

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Site Updates

Saturday, July 7th, 2007 by Tony at

Just to let you know: I’m updating the sections of this site that still do not work properly. There’s been some dead links and empty sections for a while. I’ve not been happy about it, but being busy hurts. These will be taken care of this weekend, mostly today. Please bear with us during this process, as it’s possible things may not work as they should.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Site Updates: Downtime Ending

Sunday, July 1st, 2007 by Tony at

I wanted to address some of the “downtime” this site has had recently. Obviously it’s been accessible, but it’s not been updated as often as I would have liked.

This is being rectified by a couple of things:

  1. Restructuring of the staff. My current main assistant, Traci, will see her role in the site increase. In addition, there are finally some others interested in helping with updates to the site. I expect that this will play the biggest part in keeping the site well maintained as, frankly, it’s quite hard to do by yourself.
  2. Other web site commitments I’ve been involved with are essentially over. Digital Devil Database, currently, is the only “hobby” project I am involved with and therefore will receive a lot more of my attention.
  3. My actual job is relaxing some and will seemingly remain as such for most of the year. Good news.

Essentially this site will again become the priority it was for me in earlier this year when the switch to the new version was first becoming apparent. The last of the game sections that have not been moved over fully will be finished thanks to the newfound help, older game sections will begin to be expanded and new game sections will be made. This also means things people have contacted me about will finally be addressed (such as potential spoiler information in the Nocturne section, to name one). In addition, the Demonary (which has been in full working condition for a while now) will definitely be opened very soon due to a nice editions to my personal library that will speed up the process of adding information to it significantly.

I am very proud of this site and have every intention of keeping it running. My very sincere hope is that this is the last entry of its type you will read here for a very significant amount of time. I cannot foresee anything affecting this, particularly due to my computer (the main source of recent issues) has been completely rebuilt and is running wonderfully.

I thank you for your patience thus far and, as always, for continuing to visit.

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