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English Persona 3 Video

Venerdì, 22 Giugno 2007 by Tony at

The High-Score Magazine Blog has posted the first seven minutes of the English version of Persona 3 on their website. Beyond the text localization, you can also hear some of the English voice over work.

Thanks to aerozero for pointing this out on our forums.

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Atlus Persona 3 Interview at RPGamer

Venerdì, 8 Giugno 2007 by Tony at

RPGamer was fortunate enough to be able to interview some Atlus team members about their upcoming titles. One of the titles in question, of course, was Persona 3. Here’s an excerpt.

Though Atlus has no plans to release Fes in North America, is it even a possibility for the future?

I’m sorry, we have no plans for it at this time.

You can read the rest of the interview at RPGamer.

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IGN Persona 3 Impressions

Venerdì, 8 Giugno 2007 by Tony at

Now that I’m back from the dead, it’s time for more news.

IGN stuck up some hands-on impressions of Persona 3 last week. While they don’t exactly offer any new information, it might be worth reading if you’re absolutely starved for details. You can check it out here.

I’ve tried contacting Atlus for interview information about the title, seeing as though it appears to have been sent in some capacity to major mainstream media. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to hear back. Atlus seems to change PR people about as often as the weather changes. We shall see what happens.

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