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Still on the Fence? Then Check This Out

22 Luglio 2010 by wolfzau at

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It’s time for school

For those of you who are still trying to justify buying yet another version of Persona 3, this time for the PSP, head on over to where they are currently showcasing a 30 minute, in depth video of the game.

For those of you not in the know, P3P is a port/update of the highly acclaimed rpg Persona 3 which was originally released on the PS2. This updated version includes a new choice of protaganist, updated social links, new musical score, new endings and the ability to control all four party members in combat.

The one omission is The Answer, an epilogue game that was included on Persona 3: FES, released in 2007, also for the PS2.

If you are curious about this new reincarnation of Persona 3, then you can see the video here: link

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3 Responses to “Still on the Fence? Then Check This Out”

  1. ykstheniycul Says:

    I sincerely apologize to Wolfzau. This draft did not get noticed until June 22 2011 (1yr minus 11mo to this day)

    The graphic is dead (probably long dead) if you can contribute a suitable replacement, please do. Again, apologies.

  2. Ijp Says:


    Digital Devil Database » Blog Archive

    » Still on the Fence? Then Check This Out…

  3. seo Says:


    Digital Devil Database » Blog Archive

    » Still on the Fence? Then Check This Out…

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