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7 décembre 2007 by Tony at

The Persona -trinity soul- web site continues to receive a slew of updates. New sections have been added, featuring character art and further details. The most significant addition is arguably the first trailer for the series. It is available under the “Special” section of the site, but it seems quite a few people are having issues streaming it properly (plus the page itself uses an ActiveX control that seems to put some browsers into an infinite loading loop).

As such, we’re providing the video for download, as either a .WMV or within a .ZIP file. Both contain the same video, which is a direct rip of the video available on the site currently.

Thanks a lot to QBasic for pointing out the trailer to us. Looks pretty promising, although many seem to be bummed out by the apparent lack of the evoker so prominently utilized in Persona 3.

Mienai also informed me that sakuraxsyaoran, a member of his Persona 3 LiveJournal community found some new information the theme song that will be used for the series. The song is entitled “Breakin’ Through” and is written by Yoshiharu Shiina (a member of surface) and composed/produced by Takuya Asanuma (former member of JUDY & MARY). The song will be sung by a contest winner named Siyuuhei Kita. You can read more about this on surface’s web site under news, assuming you know Japanese.

Big thanks to both of them for this information.

Edit: It came to my attention that the videos were not working. They should be fixed now, so please retry. Thanks!

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