Persona 3 Manga Releases from GHS and Starry Heaven

7 décembre 2007 by Tony at

Mienai wrote to inform me that his translation group, Gekkoukan High Scans, has two new releases today: Piece 02 and Volume 01 Complete (”Chapitre Un”).

You might remember a few days ago we wrote about GHS’s release of a translation of Sogabe Shuuji’s Persona 3 manga. Piece 00 (Prologue) and Piece 03 of the series were also discussed at that point, both of which were a joint release with Starry Heaven (headed by Cheebs). The groups have since split off, each handling the remaining chapters (and revisions of previous releases) on their own.

You can download each set of releases from Starry Heaven or GHS respectively. We will continue to post about any new developments from either team and wish them both the best. This site will be providing direct download mirrors for both releases, but (at this point in time, at least) the links will be listed solely on their web sites because they truly deserve the attention for every thing they’ve accomplished here thus far.

Thanks to both Mienai and Cheebs for their cooperation and work!

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