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5 décembre 2007 by Tony at www.digitaldevildb.com

A few days ago we featured some basic news on Persona -trinity soul-, clumsily translated from the official site. We detailed some basic information on the Kanzato (also apparently translated as Shingou) brothers that star in the series, but thanks to some wonderful help from Cheebs, we also have a better translation of the remaining plot information.

It apparently opens up with a bizarre scandal that strikes Ayanagi City. The crew of a submarine suddenly disappears and for the first time in 10 years people found themselves again concerned over the Apathy Syndrome. Around this same time, dead students with their corpses cruelly turned inside-out began to appear. Ryou’s police force is secretly following these events. His two younger brothers also get involved, resulting in Shin’s summoning of a Persona. The description ends with the ever-mysterious “The gears controlling the fate of these brothers have now begun to turn…”.

Since then even more information has been added, including a listing of the voice actors for the main characters:

  • Shin Kanzato (the middle brother and Persona user) will be voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto. He has previously been cast in anime such as Sola and Ghost Hunt.
  • Jun Kanzato (the youngest brother) will be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. She has done voice over work for both anime and games, including the roles of Elizabeth and Chidori in the Japanese version of Persona 3. Interestingly, she has also done English voice over work for anime released in the West, such as Di Gi Charat: The Movie.
  • Ryou Kanzato (the eldest brother and police officer) will be voiced by Takehito Koyasu. An extremely prolific Japanese seiyū (voice actor), Koyasu has lent his voice to anime including One Piece, Neon Genesis Evangelion and others far too numerous to list. Of particular interest to Megaten fans is the fact that he voiced Tatsuya in the Japanese Persona 2 titles.
  • Megumi Tino will be voiced by Kana Asumi, a female singer and seiyū who has appeared in anime such as Bokurano.
  • Kanou Marimoto will be voiced by Mai Nakahara, a female seiyū who has done work for both anime and games including .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet.

At this point it is still unclear who the final two characters are in terms of the story. It’s likely the site will be updated with this information before the premiere of the series, however.

Again, big thanks to Cheebs for help translating a good deal of this properly.

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