Aegis: The First Mission for Mobile Phones

28 novembre 2007 by Tony at

A couple of weeks back, Famitsu unveiled the first information on a Persona 3 prequel for mobile phones. Entitled Aegis: The First Mission, the game stars Aigis and appears to deal with the specific events that led to the Shadow’s domination of the area years prior. The game is an action RPG; screen shot captions state that the game still utilizes SP and Personae summoning for attacks. It features characters both new and familiar to those who have played through both Persona 3 releases. The title was released for download on November 14th, 2007.

While it appears the game is available for all mobile phones (including Softbank 3G terminals), the title seems to be focused on Yahoo!’s mobile network. For those interested (and obviously living in Japan), Famitsu gives the following directions: enter the phone menu, pick RPG, then Megami Tensei and then “Aegis THE FIRST MISSION”. The game costs 525 yen (about $4.75 USD) , plus tax.

The following screens are from the Famitsu entry:

Thanks to QBasic for pointing out the original Siliconera entry about the game. You can view his original thread on the subject here, which includes some additional images thanks to Emilio.

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  1. yksehtniycul Says:

    First let me apologize for the disappearance of a comment on this article regarding the spelling of Aegis/Aigis. I’m uncertain where it ended up, but it was probably a victim of an error in the Wordpress database which seemed to be affecting comments at the time. We can only pray we’ve seen the last of it.

    I did change the spelling to Aigis on request. But I since noticed apparently this game is known by Aegis in Japan, though I’ve been unable to track down screenshots that would confirm this. I don’t know the details, bu I’m supposing somewhere the title is rendered in western script. So in short, I changed instances of the title back just to be safe, until I learn otherwise.

    As for how to spell Aigis/Aegis. Technically Aigis pronounced with a hard g, as you would pronounce the Japanese kana, is much closer to the classical Greek usage. Modern aegis is pronounced something like eedjes, and is an eventual product of Latin “rebranding” of the word.

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