Persona 3’s Aigis 1/7 Scale Figurine from Kotobukiya

27 de Abril de 2007 por Tony en

During that whole downtime period I managed to miss this bit of information from AnimeNewsI.

It turns out that Kotobukiya, probably best known for their one-coin figurine series, is making a 1/7 scale (clocking in her at about 210 mm high, or about 8.25 inches), pre-painted PVC figurine of Aigis. She is posable at the neck, arms and wrists, unlike many higher-end PVC figurines. Of special note is that images show her with both her normal and gun hands, implying that these can be interchanged as you please.

Kotobukiya plans to sell her for ¥6,090 in August, 2007. This equals out to about $51 USD. An image is included below, but you can see the rest on our Persona 3 merchandise page or by visiting the original source above.

Persona 3 Aigis Figurine

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2 Responses to “Persona 3’s Aigis 1/7 Scale Figurine from Kotobukiya”

  1. Gichan Says:

    Is it still on sale?

  2. wolfzau Says:

    Unfortunately not, however if you head onto ebay there’s a couple of Akihiko statues going for around $60 including postage.
    Aigis is a pretty rare figure now and unless you wanna go the bootleg route then you’re looking at spending around $200 for one

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