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19 de Diciembre de 2019 por yksehtniycul en www.digitaldevildb.com

Today I’ve migrated the site to a new host (Opalstack) and fixed some things broken by the earlier migration (years back) and fixed some images photobucket.com downgraded (and somehow took down as I was working on migration) thanks only to archive.org having made snapshots of the site. I shouldn’t have left those as hotlinks, I probably forgot to make copies on the server, and have done that now for every image in the blog.

This site is a time capsule of the old days. It’s hosted on the same server as swordofmoonlight.net and swordofmoonlight.org which remain active and through which you can contact me. If you have an account you can still log in here. These days I do technical things with video game technology. I’m a little bit interested in Megaten fan-games if anyone else is too. I don’t know what we could get away with. I wouldn’t mind reviving the site for that purpose. I’m holding onto it in case I ever do, for instant street cred!

The forum is here (http://www.digitaldevildb.com/bbs/) BTW. It never got a proper front page link. I swear I remember the video games articles having a fancy drop-down menu for easy navigation, but it’s not there anymore. Could be I’m misremembering.

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