Site Updates: Lightbox Plus, Screen Galleries and Missing Sections

6 de Mayo de 2007 por Tony en

I’ve gotten a few e-mails asking where some of our older game sections are. Part of the reason it is taking so long for these sections to appear on the new design is due to some changes in construction of stuff behind the scenes.

Our resident programmer, Alan, recently created new image gallery software that has been implemented into the site. He’s tweaked some random things for me and I think we’re both happy with the final result. Now that this is finished, there’s more reason to actually bother with the additional sections. If we were to make the sections beforehand, it would pretty much double the work involved. It just didn’t really seem worthwhile.

The result of that specifically is that gallery pages (screen shots, merchandise, art, etc.) in individual game sections now display differently. They still make use of thumbnails, but we now have something called Lightbox Plus enabled when viewing the large versions. You can read more about that on our about Lightbox page. Most importantly for me, all of this is handled as close to automatically as possible.

In any case, I expect that the older sections will appear on the site (as opposed to bringing you to nasty 404 pages) within the week.

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