Site Update: Lightbox Plus Nixed for Slimbox

7 mai 2007 by Tony at

I received an e-mail today from Alex informing me that Lightbox 2.0 might be better to use than Lightbox Plus for the site. I think this was somewhere in the back of my mind; I was uncomfortable with Lightbox Plus (let’s face it, image resizing by a browser isn’t exactly going to result in quality output). and Alex’s e-mail kind of just snapped something in my mind that made me realize the best course of action was to drop it entirely.

As I went to find Lightbox 2.x (which, incidentally, was actually installed here briefly before making way for Lightbox Plus), I stumbled upon a different version known as Slimbox. It did the same thing, but its file size was substantially lower. This isn’t important so much for my bandwidth as much as it’s important for the stability, processing consumption and speed of the site for the users. I figured it was worthwhile to use it instead. I feel that it runs noticeably more quickly.

So, in a round-about way, thanks to Alex for finalizing my opinion :). You can still check out our About Lightbox/Slimbox page for more information. It’s been updated to reflect the change and contains some information that you might find useful.

In addition, if anyone has any suggestions for things they’d like to see on the site, feel free to contact us. Personally, I’m open to anything that will improve Digital Devil Database in any way.


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