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24 avril 2007 by Tony at

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So, that redesign took a lot longer than planned. The sad thing is that it is not finished yet. There’s still content to move (particularly in some of the lesser visited Games sections) and new sections to fill in (Downloads?). Most of the old posts are still not moved over and categories on the side are claiming they have entries they do not. This will be fixed over the next few days. Beyond that, I’ve taken the quick route with some of the banners. In the near future, expect there to be artwork changes as well as textual changes.

On the plus side, every thing else has gone according to plan. The site now runs on WordPress instead of Movable Type. The main reason for this is for vB integration. You’ll notice that every entry now has a “comments” link at the end of it. Instead of having a separate comment form specific to WordPress, however, the site is set up so that you may comment with your forum account. Any post made on the front page that is deemed worth having comments for will show up in the new “News Posts” section of the forum instantly. Clicking the link on the main site to comment will bring you to a new reply window in the forums.

Obviously you will need a forum account to use this, but it’s quick to sign up for and saves you the trouble of remembering yet another set of account information.

This is probably the biggest change, but a lot of other smaller things have happened that are of benefit. The site is now easier to update and easier to expand. I don’t foresee myself running into quite as many walls as I did with the last version. I’m sure there will always be people who preferred how it looked, but you’ll get used to it. Personally, I think the place needed some color. It’s only going to get more colorful from here as I finish up the remaining imagery.

In any case, sorry for the delay. It’s time to get back on track!

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