Devil Summoner 2 Making Headlines

2009年05月14日,星期四 by wolfzau at www.digitaldevildb.com

Is the sequel to Devil Summoner everything it should be?

Let’s find out…

The recently released “Shin Megami Tensei Devil Summoner 2: Raidou Kuzunoha vs King Abaddon” seems to be worth your money so says the internet buzz. Released on May 12th, the sequel to the popular first installment has gathered a rather high number of positive reviews. None of which seem to fall below the 80% mark. A high achievement indeed.

Here are some blurbs dredged from the internet…

RPGFan.com »“…one of the most vastly improved sequels I’ve ever played for an RPG.”
Thunderboltgames.com »“Raidou vs King Abaddon feels like the product of a company that listens to it’s customers.”
Destructoid.com »“Shin Megami Tensei and Devil Summoner series fans, we shouldn’t even need to say it: You need this game.”
1Up.com »“…the total revamp of the battle system makes Devil Summoner 2 more than “more of the same.”

So what is everyone so excited about?! Improved combat, graphics and extra content (not to mention multiple endings and story progression) are just some of the things praised with almost every review also adding that the game is a vast improvement over it’s predecessor in just about every way possible. But don’t take our word for it.

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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (PSP): 2009年 美国

2009年03月1日,星期天 by Emilio Morales at nijiko.wordpress.com

Atlus USA 宣布了最新版的 Megami Ibunroku Persona 将会在这个秋季在北美上市。
最新版的PSP将会在经典版本PS1的基础上增加了更为完美的图形设计,更为激动人心的场面并且所有的最新配乐均来自Persona3歌手Yumi Kawamura。

虽然不是很让人惊奇,(但是Persona系列非常受欢迎并且Shin Megami Tensei特权家族已经加入许多新的追捧者。我们在digitaldevildb网站迫不及待地欢迎您的加入。在未来的几个星期,我们将会给你提供更多的信息,包括上市日期和其他额外的内容。

译者 wolfzau

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2009年02月7日,星期六 by Emilio Morales at nijiko.wordpress.com

Atlus USA 宣布了Megami Ibunroku Devil Survivor 将会在今年6月在北美上市。 这款游戏同一时间还会在日本上市。直到现在,Atlus USA还未曾发表评论关于这款游戏或其他特殊版本的游戏是否有其他额外的捆绑活动。大概我们可以期望有美妙的音乐或者其他的什么。当然,如果我们能看到这款游戏的美妙之处的话。)但是至少我们可以为前面的等待做好准备。

Majin Tensei系列的玩家都应该会发觉这款游戏很熟悉且充满了娱乐性。同样地,Survivor这款游戏混合了经典的单人RPG模式和战略RPG模式。我本人亲自玩过日本游戏很酷,而且音乐和游戏性都很棒。这个游戏的部分有趣之处在于收集恶魔。你可以通过拍卖获得恶魔也可以每次在战斗中打败了他们而能看见新的恶魔。当然你也可以让他们成为你的同盟军来增加你的力量。


译者 wolfzau

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Persona 3 Impressions, Release Tomorrow

2007年08月13日,星期一 by Tony at www.digitaldevildb.com

As you all should know Persona 3’s “release date” is officially tomorrow, August 14th. It’s likely your local retailer won’t see it for another day or so afterward, so just give them a call if you’ve pre-ordered locally. Unlike Devil Summoner and Digital Devil Saga, it appears even retailers like Best Buy will be carrying this game. . . at least on their web sites. If you’ve not pre-ordered already, I would suggest you do so tonight.

If you’re still not sure, I suggest you check out Metacritic. The overall score from all submitted professional reviews puts the game at 88 out of 100 currently, which is quite good.

As for our review, I’ve unfortunately not finished the game yet. I am, however, a good 45 or so hours into it and thus feel safe posting my overall thoughts on it so far. I have no intention of attaching a score, but it might be a good read if you want some more input on the game. To keep it short: I really like it.

You can check that out here, if you so desire. Expect the Persona 3 section to expand more in the coming weeks as I (and others) progress through the game. The character and Persona sections will be revamped (hopefully to provide indepth info to those who want it, without spoiling every one else), just to give an example.


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First Persona 3 Package Shot

2007年07月31日,星期二 by Tony at www.digitaldevildb.com

Gamespot’s product listing for Persona 3 now includes a very small image of the final package you will receive when you pick up the game. Looks pretty nice when it’s all together.

Persona 3 Box

Thanks to NotMSRP for posting this image on NeoGAF.

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Persona 3 EGM’s “Game of the Month”

2007年07月28日,星期六 by Tony at www.digitaldevildb.com

Continuing our last reviews post, a friend informs me that EGM has reviewed Persona 3 and given it the “Game of the Month Award”. The magazine uses a three score system, netting the game an 8.5, 9.5 and 9.5. Very nice.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a review copy for Digital Devil Database just before the delay. If there’s anything else you’d personally like to know about the game, feel free to ask in the forums. It also looks like our interview with Atlus for the title will be made available closer to the game’s new release date.

Thanks to Charles for the information.

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