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Still on the Fence? Then Check This Out

Jeudi 22 juillet 2010 by wolfzau at

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It’s time for school

For those of you who are still trying to justify buying yet another version of Persona 3, this time for the PSP, head on over to where they are currently showcasing a 30 minute, in depth video of the game.

For those of you not in the know, P3P is a port/update of the highly acclaimed rpg Persona 3 which was originally released on the PS2. This updated version includes a new choice of protaganist, updated social links, new musical score, new endings and the ability to control all four party members in combat.

The one omission is The Answer, an epilogue game that was included on Persona 3: FES, released in 2007, also for the PS2.

If you are curious about this new reincarnation of Persona 3, then you can see the video here: link

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Persona 3 Atlus Interview

Vendredi 31 août 2007 by Tony at

Hey everyone. Just writing to inform you that our interview with Atlus for Persona 3 is posted on the site. There’s some discussion of FES, older SMT releases, the Japanese rating versus the US’s M rating and so forth.

Some of the questions were crafted before anyone at this site got to actually play the game (not to mention those who submitted questions in our forum). In those cases, anyone who has played the title will know how those components work. They’re being left in the interview for completion’s sake, but also because there is some interesting insight at times.

Super big thanks to both Aram and Yu at Atlus for taking the time to help us out, despite the headaches of the delay, E3 and other releases in the pipeline.

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Fes First Week Sales Numbers

Mercredi 25 avril 2007 by Tony at

Japanese sales numbers for the past week are in (from NeoGAF) and Persona 3: Fes has debuted at number three with 90,369 units sold. The charts don’t seem to differentiate between the deluxe (Persona 3 and Fes together) and basic (just the Fes expansion), but it seems to be a pretty fair debut.

Coming in first and second were Super Paper Mario for the Wii and Fate/Stay Night for the PS2, respectively.

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Persona 3: Fes Package Offers in Japan

Mardi 27 février 2007 by Tony at

I was checking out the Konamistyle Japanese page today and headed over to the Persona 3: Fes section. This section now details the available packages you can purchase on its launch date. There are four packages total.

The full version will contain the original Persona 3 and the Fes expansion disc. It is packaged in a newly designed box. It sells for ¥8,190 (about $70 USD).

Persona 3 Full Version

The basic version will contain only the Fes expansion. It sells for ¥5,040 (about $43 USD).

Persona 3 Basic Version

In addition, there is a Special Edition version of both releases. The Special Edition basic package will sell for ¥18,800 (about $159 USD), while the Special Edition full package will sell for ¥21,000 (about $178 USD).

They contain the same three bonus items. They are as follows:

1.) A special Persona 3 branded version of Audio Technica’s ATH-EM700 SV headphones, which are extremely similar to those worn by the protagonist in the game. They come with a Persona 3 branded carrying pouch.

Persona 3 headphones

Persona 3 headphone pouch

2.) An orange rekishi figure. This little doll was apparently quite popular with fans, so they decided to actually make some. While there are no actual photos yet, it sounds as though these will be stitched fabric.

Persona 3 rikishi

3.) A B2 sized poster (50 x 70 cm) featuring the cover art of the full version, done by the game’s graphic designer.

Persona 3 B2 poster

I’m hoping to get a Persona 3: Fes section going soon, not to mention some updates to the main Persona 3 section. Stay tuned.

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