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We seem to have entered a bit of a lull coma…

September 22nd, 2009 by yksehtniycul at

On an up note the website is back, and its future is more secure than ever. However, what little creative interest we’ve been able to sustain since the first downtime late last year is now (after our second, and what should be final, downtime) at an all time low. In fact there appears to be no party interested in contributing new content to the website.

That said we still have administrative and editorial staff eager and available to assist any fans who would be interested in helping to expand the website. A long term commitment is not even necessary. As always, just drop us a line in the website BBS and we will see that your contribution however great or small is made available to our readership.

The website will not be going anywhere in the meantime, and we still field a lot of traffic everyday. Generally about 300 people visit the site about 1000 times a day like clockwork. We are still the premier source for in-depth Megaten info in English. We know the site could be a much better resource, but its up to Megami Tensei fans everywhere to see to that.

This host’s response time can be a little slower than the last. And has a knack for not returning from long jobs such as complex searches - like the discussion link below. On the other hand we can now host large files including video. Our stay here will be only temporary however. A very feature rich server with the works is slated to host the website. Unlike previous transitions this move will be seamless, and open up a world of possibilities. We will retain the use of this present server for hosting unlimited downloads which will then no longer compete with or impede the performance of the website.

I am personally repairing the site to all its former glory and hopefully more. However my enthusiasm for these labors is only so much as the creative outlook here. We did loose a number of files, but have backups on hand which will find their way to our new host in course. A few features are probably broken. But will be back in time. Worst of all Google has forsaken Taking with it our ability to search the website. We are seeking alternatives for indexing its content. If you can run a YaCy service for us (you can do this from your home broadband connection) please get in touch. Google dumped us like all websites it owes their first 100$ and considers insignificant. The official reason given by Google is “invalid clicks” which supposedly occurred during the downtime (that is when the website was inaccessible!!) —no further comment. Unfortunately this is Google’s M.O. …and we learned it the hard way, after investing a lot of time and expectations into Google. From now on the website will officially boycott Google and who acted unethically like all too many webhosting companies and is completely responsible for all of the havoc wreaked upon this website not caused by Google. With Google’s 100$ goes any definite means of financing the website. If you would like to donate/advertise your Megaten website on our site please don’t hesitate to seek our audience. We have it in our todo list to setup a proper system for doing so.

Last but not least, we’ve become a reluctant branch of the “Megami Tensei Wiki” at Time will tell if our branch will or won’t become the dominant of the two. The decision to do so was completely necessary by the most basic of ethical standards. Two out of three sysops (including myself) made the decision to do so with the encouragement of the third and Wikia staff. We will hopefully find the time and initiative to document these circumstances along with the rest of the wiki. You can edit the wiki at This branch of the wiki is now the source of content retrieved by our wiki pages at

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6 Responses to “We seem to have entered a bit of a lull coma…”

  1. Digital Devil Database Says:

    For the record, we now have a working crawler/index for the website thanks to YaCy.

    As soon as we can tweak the index to our liking we will begin work on a proper portal via the website (search field on every page)

    In the meantime you can give the server a try…

    [I decided to remove this link to avoid attracting spammers to the url which will be included server side in the future]

    Just swap out Persona to try different terms. If you do a search from the search results page, you will have access to the worldwide YaCy Freeworld network.

  2. 传奇3 Says:


  3. Digital Devil Database Says:

    I fixed a number of missing images in the news and forum stickies.

    Still to do is to try to restore the P4 manga pages, and put the screenshots and videos back in the archive.

    Edited: There is also the business of our foreign language translations not working. This is probably next on the todo list.

  4. Digital Devil Database Says:

    The interface translation work everyone did has been repaired.

    I’m not positive the theme is quite as up to date as it was. If some internal links take you to a page not in your chosen language, we apologize.

  5. Digital Devil Database Says:

    The Dengeki P4 manga (courtesy Red Hawk scanlations ) and Kotobukiya photo shoots (thanks to Seraphpiyo) are back up. Unfortunately only about 13 pages are generated for the manga before the webhost kills the process. The website will be moving to a new host very soon so instead of programming a work around probably we can just wait.

    In the meantime you can still download the individual volumes from the links below.

    Vol. 1, 2, 3, 4

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