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Kagutsuchi | Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne »

The silver moon inside the Vortex World that results after The Conception in Tokyo. The moon goes through 16 phases, starting at "NEW", then taking 8 phases to reach "FULL". It then takes another 8 phases to reach "NEW" again. The fourth stage between each of these is refered to as "HALF".

Kagutsuchi advances one phase for every five seconds on the field and every second on the World Map. It only advances if your character is moving. Standing in place causes the moon to stop cycling, seemingly to keep you from easily reaching useful phases.

More importantly, Kagutsuchi's real sole purpose is to empower the one who will oversee Creation. It will allow a lifeform of its choosing to determine the course of the new world. Kagutsuchi rises, matures and falls in countless other places, in billions of other worlds. That is the way of Amala, as determined by the Great Will.

Additional Information: The kami of fire in Japanese mythology. In giving birth to Kasgutsuchi, Izanami burned her genitals and died. In anger, Izanagi killed Kagutsuchi, chopping him into pieces that formed eight different mountain kami. The resulting blood produced other kami as well.

Karma | Digital Devil Saga »

The sum of ones deeds. In a most basic sense, the game utilizes the word "Karma" like other titles utilze "Experience Points".

Additional Information: In Hinduism and Buddhism, it is the sum of a person's actions, regarded as determining that person's future states of existence.

Karma Temple | Digital Devil Saga »

The Karma Temple issues laws and controls life in the Junkyard. It does not participate in the Tribe wars, but presides over them, judging the actions of each Tribe. After the Junkyard is filled with Atma, the Temple beings to offer Mantra.

Karma Terminal | Digital Devil Saga »

Function similarly to S-Terminals within Nocturne. They come in two varities: large and small.

Small Karma Terminals allow you to Save, Get Mantra and Teleport. Large Karma Terminals have those three functions, but they also allow you to restore your characters' HP and MP for a price.

Kingloc | Demikids »

A gun used to summon allies that can hold any class of demons.

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