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Author Topic: You now have no reason NOT to buy Nocturne! [$30 @ GameQuest] (Read 11961 times)
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Jessicat phones it in,
 « on: June 19, 2009, 08:46:22 PM »
Hey all, if you've always wanted Nocturne but can't handle the ebay inflation, then stop by GameQuest; enter the code "GPNOCTURNE" to get $20 off the listed price [and if you live in America, you also qualify for the free shipping too!] They ship to Canada and internationally, but I'm not sure if the discount will work for buyers not in North America o.O This is the second/re-release edition, no soundtrack included [but I'm sure everyone just downloads those nowadays ;>>]
Sale started yesterday and still is in effect today *bought another copy ^^;* so go before it's sold out!
Enjoy! :3

[Should I re-write this in a news article format if it counts as front page newsworthy? o.O]

The gate is open; it's time to raise some Hell!

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