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Author Topic: Forum Launch (Read 7148 times)
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Tony phones it in,
 « on: August 21, 2005, 05:55:57 PM »
Today marks the day that Digital Devil BBS is out of its testing phases and open to the general public. Obviously, it will now be linked to on my site, Digital Devil Database. Argilla is also going to link to it on her DDS site, Nirvana. Hopefully both of these links will encourage a decent amount of people to join.

Obviously this forum will be completely dependant on its members. While Argilla and I can advertise this to a degree, what would really help are individual member links back here and general word of mouth. The more people who sign up, the more possible topics and opinions can be discussed. There may be rules, but my only hope is that this forum is fun, relaxing and informative. I think those are the three things that help any forum out.

I want to give a big thanks to Argilla while I'm at it. She's the person who encouraged me to finally install this forum in the first place and she's been an invaluable help in general.

And finally, if all goes according to plan, we should have one to two new skins for this site in the coming weeks. Variety is the spice of life.


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I also have a new site upcoming:
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