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Author Topic: S-link locations (Read 9499 times)

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Neao phones it in,
 « on: September 01, 2007, 02:18:50 PM »
Nearing the end of Persona 3, I noticed something. I didn't even have all of the S-links. Seeing as how I went through the first time without wanting to get all of them. I do, however, want to get all of them after I finish 4 other games and then start this over. So, does anyone have a list of where all the S-links are? Or at least where Hiero, Devil, Sun and Temperence are?

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DemonAtmaNizzo phones it in,
 « Reply #1 on: September 01, 2007, 02:36:53 PM »
Hierophant - Old couple at Bookworms, in the Iwatodai station.
Devil - Sleazy guy who extorts money from you, unlocked from Hermit S.Link.
Sun - I forget.
Temperance - Bebe, Japanophile in Home Economics. Unlocked from the Heirophant S.Link, which would be why you didn't see him.

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Tony phones it in,
 « Reply #2 on: September 01, 2007, 03:09:04 PM »
Here's a list I typed up a bit back, it's pretty simple. It's in order of tarot numbers.

[SPOILER]Fool - SEES, gained automatically.

Magician - Kenji, homeroom.

Priestess - Fuuka, homeroom hallway, north end. Requires certain level of charm.

Empress - Mitsuru, homeroom hallway. Requires max academics.

Emperor - Student Council Chairman. Join Student Council when Mitsuru asks.

Hierophant - Old couple in Bookworms at Iwatodai Station, requires persimmon leaf.

Lovers - Yukari, homeroom. Requires max charm, late July.

Chariot - Sports club member, meet once you join any sports team.

Justice - Chihiro, homeroom hallway. Must already have started the Emperor S. Link. You have to answer her questions correctly before she'll do anything with you, which takes four days. If you pick the wrong one, they repeat until you pick the right answers.

Hermit - Maya, computer in dorm. Can only be done when you have a full day free. Late April the other characters start talking about it, so you can access it then.

Fortune - Join any culture club in June. Afterwards you'll find the guy in a school hallway.

Hanged Man - Little girl at Naganaki Shrine, she's there only during the daytime. Not around on Sundays.

Death - Mysterious Boy, gained automatically.

Temperance - Bebe, met in the Home Economics room. Requires Average intelligence to read the sign, but at least rank 3 (or 4?) in the Heirophant arcana before you can actually get in.

Devil - Businessman, star of that Sunday shopping show. Appears at Port Island Station on certain days, but will only talk if your charm is high enough. You also have to pay him money over the course of three days. You won't get it back.

Tower - Monk, Club Escapade at Paulownia Mall. He's only there at night on the upper level on certain days. In order to talk with him, your S. Link rank with Yuko must be high enough. She'll tell you about him randomly and then he'll start appearing at the club.

Star - Rival, met during a competition in the summer. Afterwards, he'll be on a bench at Iwatodai Station across from the fake octopus stand.

Moon - Gourmet King, Paulownia Mall after school. Requires high enough charm and rank 3 with Kenji (Magician) before you'll be told about him.

Sun - Dying guy at Naganaki Shrine, appears only on Sunday. Requires high academics and a fountain pen that can be gotten from Koromaru when he's in the dorm.

Judgment - Nyx team, automatic.[/SPOILER]

That should cover it, I think.

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Neao phones it in,
 « Reply #3 on: September 01, 2007, 03:26:22 PM »
Thanks a lot guys. I just started to try and get my Compendium % up, and all the fusions minus the exp gain kinda sucks. Thanks again=).

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Avalon phones it in,
 « Reply #4 on: September 01, 2007, 03:56:37 PM »
Awesome information.

I would just like to point out that the [spoiler]Priestess social link requires courage, not charm[/spoiler]. You also have to score the highest in your class on at least one set of exams to start the [spoiler]Empress social link[/spoiler]. I don't think the [spoiler]Moon[/spoiler] social link requires any social stat.

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