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Author Topic: Persona 3 Hint Thread (Read 30159 times)

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Lugn phones it in,
 « Reply #30 on: October 03, 2007, 09:35:56 PM »
To defeat Elizabeth:

-You need to be Lv.99
-Equip the Armor and Shoes of Light from Messiah(Resist/Evade Magic).
-The persona item "Divine Pillar" from Alilat.
-A persona with High Counter and a lot of resistance(No Null/Repel/Drain though).
-Vishnu and Atanta for the Mix Raid "Infinity".
-Lucifer and Satan to finish her off with Mix Raid "Armageddon".

Elizabeth is able to attack twice per turn and has 20,000 HP.

Her Attack Pattern:

0 Turn(after summoning Masakudos on the 8th turn) - Uses Physical attacks/Nulls all,except Almighty

1st Turn - Surt(uses fire)/absorb fire,receives greater damage from Ice attacks

2nd Turn - Jack Frost(uses ice)/absorbs ice,receives greater dmg from fire

3rd Turn - Thor(uses elec)/absorbs elec,receives greater dmg from wind

4th Turn - Cuu Chulainn(uses wind)/absorbs wind,receives greater dmg from elec.

5th Turn - Metatron(uses hama)/null all,except almighty

6th Turn - Alice(uses mudo)/null all,except almighty

7th Turn - Nebiros(uses ailments)/null all,except almighty

8th Turn - Masakudos(Almighty)/null all,except almighty

Special - Pixie(Healing and Almighty)/null all,except almighty
Summoned if you bring team members to the fight,reduce her HP by half(one time only),and every turn while her HP is below 9999.

Special - Maskudos(see above)
Summoned if you switched to a persona with Null/Repel/Drain.

To beat her you need to lower her HP by almost half,then wait for High Counter to work(to knock her HP below 9999).After that cast Armageddon to finish her off.

Useful persona for the fight:

Attis + Loki + Seth = Atropos

Loki + Yata(sun) = Laksmi

Black Frost +Samael = Hanuman

Bishamon(sp?) + Asura(Endure and Unshaken Will) + Skadi = Throne

Throne + Michael + Alilat = Cybele

Cybele + Trumpeter + Anubis = Vishnu

Atropos(lv.59 Resist Elec) + Laksmi(lv.53 Resist Fire) = Siegfried(lv.58 High Counter)

Siegfried(Resist Elec,Resist Fire and High Counter) + Vishnu(Endure and Unshaken Will) + Hanuman(lv.54 Resist Slash and Resist Ice) = Kikuri-hime(Resist Slash,Ice,Fire,Elec and Endure)

Kikuri-hime + Messiah + Siegfried(resummon) = Chi You

He has 5 available skill slots and 12 skills to choice from(I gave him High Counter,Unshaken Will,Resist Elec,Resist Fire and Resist Ice).

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