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yksehtniycul phones it in,
 « on: February 20, 2010, 02:25:35 PM »



When Metatron found that Beelzebub was fall asleep on the sofa,
he just sighed and turned off TV,
taking out a blanket to cover the lord of flies' gigantic body.
"Don't you think you wouldn't catch a cold, pal." The archangel whispered.




  Beelzebub caught a cold, even he himself couldn't believe it.

The Lord of Flies was sitting on the sofa with his body wrapped in a thick blanket, and the clinical thermometer was still holding in his mouthpart. Even though Beelzebub always wonder where his own nostrils are, the awful breath-stuffy was surely exists and became a great disturbance. The sore throat made him swallowed his own drool annoyingly.


"Isn't there any conception claimed that Devils are immunocold?" Beelzebub couldn't help but grumbled as his roommate took away the thermometer from his mouthpart.



"As far as I know, there's only a sort of certain being can apply to this so-called immunocold. You should be glad that you don't belong to this sort." Metatron said, as he scrutinized the clinical thermometer for a while. "No fever, but the symptoms of respiratory tract are quite acute. Sure that you don't need a doctor?" His emerald optics stared at the archdevil, who just turned his head away, pretending unnoticed what he said.





"It's just a cold, no big deal and no need for calling a doctor." Beelzebub's grunt was soon interrupted by another sneeze.

The archangel turned to reach the phone immediately, dialing a number and said, "I have no much time to attend you, just take care of yourself."

Beelzebub attempts to rose and intercept the receiver, but found that he was restrained by the spell his roommate cast and couldn't even move an inch.




After rang the doorbell, Thoth heard heavy and reluctant footsteps inside the room was approaching the door. Soon the door was slammed open, a gigantic head of fly sticking out from the doorway and stared at the tiny figure of the baboon.

The Egyptian deity of scribe sized up Beelzebub for a moment and said, "You are just chilled, it would be OK to take some medicine. Wouldn't you mind if I get in?"


Lord of Flies' bloody-red-lantern-like ommateums blinked. "Can I pass up the medicine?"


"…Or injection would also be available." Thoth shrugged." There are only two options you can choose nowadays: injection or medicine, no other alternatives." Thoth lifted the medical case on the floor and asked, "May I come in? For I'm here to do your roommate's favor, I would not like to come here just for doing nothing."



Beelzebub let the door wide open in great reluctance, he wrapped the blanket with himself and sit back to the sofa again, allowing Thoth to sit nearby for further diagnosis. "What a shame this is, a powerful devil is absolutely overwhelmed by simply a little cold." He took a tissue and blowed loudly, with his wide half-transparent wings trembling.




"Yeah? There are couple of deities under ill conditions recently." Thoth said, "Haven't you heard that Surtr caught a deadly serious cold few days ago? I have visited him for his illness."

Beelzebub straightened his body in astonishment, "Impossible! How could Jötnar catch a cold?"

The deity of scribe was busy at writing out a prescription as he replied, "Well, there's a long story to tell. The rough chap stole Odin's cherished mead and got awfully drunk. Guess what? He went to molest Tiamat! Can you imagine that? With that saline old femme?"


If Beelzebub's present form allowed him to roll his eyes, he definitely would did so; but he couldn't. Thus he just grunted in laughter and commented, "To judge by Surtr's vulgar taste, no wonder he would pick her."


Thoth looked at his patient gravely, "Though Tiamat is far from beautiful, her shape is full of outstanding brilliance among other goddesses. It's not surprising that Surtr chose her." He continued, "So the result is easy to figure out: that chaos-woman smote him with fierce ice attack spell, shouting that savages of Muspellheim are in no position to even touch her one hair. The spell of Tiamat cast was filled with offended rage toward that giant jerk, it's a great mercy for just left him caught a cold."



Beelzebub thought for seconds and asked,"On the other hand, I'm curious about the quality of Æsir's burglarproof techniques. Didn't the case of Thor's stolen Mjöllnir teach them the lesson?"



Thoth shrugged again, "Well, who knows? Perhaps this was just another conspiracy masterminded by Odin, for he was trying to delay the coming of Ragnarök. And so..."he gazed at Beelzebub meaningfully. "Compared to the old jerk Surtr, your catch-cold case of being just fell asleep on the sofa while watching TV, might be joyfully a piece of cake."



Lord of Flies felt his face blushes, is it because of the fever? He doubted that why a Divinity who conducted himself with serious dignity as Metatron is, would have a friendship with such a gossip banboo guy.



Thoth handed the packed medicine and instructions to Beelzebub, who was still pondering, and said,"All the details are written on the instructions, take the medicine as what it said can vouch for fast recovery. If it were not Metatron and I often discuss about our scribe works and to be friends, I would not allow myself wasting my free time to provide physician service to you and gossip. Gotta go, take care."


"Thanks a lot." Beelzebub grunted, wondering when will his roommate come back from his overtime.

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