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Author Topic: Megaten origins?? (Read 3409 times)
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yksehtniycul says,
 « on: September 20, 2009, 09:56:23 AM »
I have always wondered where the Megaten worldview must come from. That is precisely, my bet is originally MT2 must've had a primary source. That is some inspiration the game makers were working from in concocting the scenario of the game. It's obviously Gnostic/Luciferian/Zoroastrian in bent but not in any classic/dogmatic way. That said I don't give the game makes enough credit to expect them to have synthesized all of this stuff on their own, so I've always wondered what their main text/pov might've been. I mean we're talking about people who lifted all of their demon designs from the "Dictionnaire Infernal".

Well, the other day I came across this group from the 60s which seems to be almost at the heart of the way people think about Luciferians and Satanists / occult groups to this day.

This cult has all the unique hallmarks of Megaten's central thesis, and even had classes of people like SMT that were considered to be predominantly (by birth) either Jehovans (Law) Luciferians (Chaos) Satanists (Dark) and Christians (Light) all welcome within the cult. Like conservatives are Jehovans, socialists are Luciferians, bikers/nazis are Satanists, and the peace-nik hippies are Christians (identified with Christ)

^Of course the original MT2 need not have all these complications and still does a much better job of embodying these themes. The cult also believed in an apocalyptic/road warrior future from which they would be the only survivors, and was really influential all around the world.

It's surmised Charles Manson was somehow tangentially "inspired" by the philosophies of this group and another cult which bare significant resemblance to Manson's own life/thought.

The male leader of the cult believed/insisted he was Christ. But if anything he was upstaged by Manson himself. If I was a Christian personally I'd probably believe Manson is Christ. He is the perfect Christ archetype and hell, who says Christ is supposed to be lovable. If god/the gods is/are really sophisticated Christ would be the ultimate societal outcast / persecuted just like Manson. I guess we'll just have to wait until Manson dies and see if he rises from the dead or not rainbow

PS: Even if you don't dig Manson (you dig) he's technically not guilty (or even charged) with anything, and has really been wrongfully imprisoned / denied parole just for the hell of it (should sound familiar to Christians)

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