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1  Be Your True Mind / Digital Millennium / Re: Current Favorite Anime. on: January 07, 2008, 07:13:48 PM
I constantly have to clean my computer after I get down to 2 gigs on my computer (out of 35 total...ain't big). I plan to get some new parts to my computer, including eventually a CD burner so I can burn my anime to CDs.

This isn't exactly anime, but it looked pretty heavily inspired by it. If you haven't seen the movie Battle Royale, go and watch it on youtube NOW (if you can stand blood and a little bit of gore). That movie is freaking awesome. Basic summary: In Japan a new law was passed for some reason (I didn't get that part...) but it required every year some randomly selected Japanese class to participate in Battle Royale. Their teacher kidnaps the students and puts them on a deserted island. They have 3 days, to kill the rest of the students. Each student has an explosive collar on them, and if they are located within a certain zone, or theres more than 1 person alive by the end of the time limit, the collars detonate. It's a really F-ed up movie, but REALLY good as long as you aren't one of those sensitive types who get choked up every time someone mentions Columbine (not saying thats bad...I understand if thats how it is). Theres a 2nd movie but I haven't seen it yet. Both are located on youtube.
2  MEGAMI TENSEIā„¢ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Persona anime on: January 05, 2008, 05:52:40 PM
Are there any sub groups doing it? Idk if those screens prove anything...but I don't wanna spoil something by accident.
3  Be Your True Mind / Digital Millennium / Re: Current Favorite Anime. on: January 05, 2008, 05:51:06 PM
I thought it was already spoiled by the 3rd episode of the Anime. You know, the whole future being told thing. I saw the movie, sorry =/ I liked the story overall, but the movie lacked character development. Very violent though, I like that =P At first I really just wanted to see it because I wanted to get the Tsubasa Chronicle references during Tokyo Revelations (where they go to an alternate universe of X). But now I'm VERY interested. I'm gonna finish the series then watch the OVA. I wish I had seen your post sooner, thanks for trying though.
4  Be Your True Mind / Digital Millennium / Re: Current Favorite Anime. on: January 05, 2008, 10:19:51 AM
I liked Yu Yu Hakusho, I never finished it though (I only watched it when it was on Adult Swim). I started watching X/1999 yesterday, but then found out you were supposed to watch the movie first =P So I'm actually going to do that now. It looks pretty interesting. Kinda like how a good reviewer put SMT3: Instead of the end of the world is coming, you must stop it, the plot is "The end of the world already came, now wtf do you do?" X/1999 follows that similarly, except the end of the world doesn't happen instantly, it kind of takes a while, but the characters aren't bothering to try and stop it.
5  Be Your True Mind / The Turnstile / Re: Mario gives tips on safe sex on: January 03, 2008, 10:18:01 AM
It's sad, this is actually the first time I've ever seen the condom demonstration. I've already known how to do it, but when the whole sex ed thing came around to our middle school years ago, they didn't even so much as mention condoms. They basically just said "Don't have sex, it's bad for you." Mario and Luigi are better teachers than my old ones =/ I burst out laughing when I heard Luigi first talk and say "Hello Mario."
6  Be Your True Mind / Digital Millennium / Re: Current Favorite Anime. on: January 03, 2008, 09:36:19 AM
I agree about Gungrave. I think it's better to have over-the-top action sequences (alla FFVII: Advent Children) than to have poor boring action scenes like Gungrave did. I plenty enjoyed the beginning of the series, the whole mob anime thing, I hadn't seen much of that and I thought it was really cool (kinda made me think of the Godfather somewhat). Then the whole Beyond the Grave part at the end ruined it, should've ended in Brandon's death and then pick up in the game.

A friend of mine has started making me watch Fushigi Yugi. It feels reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z a little bit (replacing the screaming with romance segments). Despite it being a romance, it's actually pretty funny. It also pokes fun at gay people >> I've oddly enough, found myself liking it, go figure.

Another good series is xxxHolic...and by series I mean the movie and manga, not the animated series. The anime series leaves so much out from the books. It's got a strong hand in philosophy, being based of fortune telling and spirits. It's a crossover series, serving as the bridge between all of the clamp series, even being a direct cross between it and Tsubasa Chronicle. If you read/watched Magic Knight Rayearth, Cardcaptor Sakura, x/1999, Chobits, or any other Clamp works, you'll probably get more enjoyment out of it because you'll get all the inside jokes and references.
7  Be Your True Mind / Digital Millennium / Re: Current Favorite Anime. on: December 31, 2007, 02:26:35 AM
I'd have to say Full Metal Panic, Tsubasa Chronicle, Gungrave, Hellsing Ultimate, and Ghost in the Shell. Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle are my favorite Miyazaki films, and I never really liked Naausica for some reason =/

I like over the top action scenes, and comedy, which is probably why the Hellsing OVA series has always sparked interest in me.

I didn't like the Devil May Cry anime though. I was hoping for something a bit more tied to the game series, maybe a bit more information on DMC4, and better action. It also seemed like they brought back the quiet Dante from DMC2 (which doesn't actually exist >> if you catch my drift).
8  Be Your True Mind / The Turnstile / Re: Official Introduction Thread on: December 31, 2007, 01:55:40 AM
Hey, I've been lurking around the site for a few months now, and I finally decided to join the forums. I'm a fan of the SMT series and spin-offs, but I'm not very good and never get really far before I get dragged away onto another game =P I haven't played as many of the games as others, I'm sure. So far I've played SMT, SMT2, Devil Summoner: Raidou (ect ect ect), and Persona 3. A copy of Nocturne eludes me still, but I'll eventually get it along with DDS.

I also have an Imagine account, but I stopped playing for a while. I'm thinking of trying to join the DDDB Klan. If I don't get sucked into Xbox Live.

Other games I play: Metal Gear Series (my favorite game series), Final Fantasy (not one of those FFVII Fanatics though, my favorite is FFIV), Ace Combat 6 (haven't played the others yet), Gears of War, Counter-Strike, Knights of the Old Republic, pretty much any Star Wars game (used to play SWG before it got crappy), I'm a reformed WoW player, Golden Sun, Metroid, Half-Life, Quake, and Castlevania (especially the Sorrow series).

I have a few pet peeves, including Halo obsessors, myspace, and overly religious people (but I keep my mouth shut about them). I enjoy playing games, reading, playing Trumpet and French Horn, making noise on my guitar (because music on it eludes me about as well as SMT3), and writing. I hope to either become a writer or Air Force pilot after I graduate high school.

That was more extended than I hoped, sorry =P
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