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Persona 3 US Special Edition Info

23 Marzo 2007 by Tony at

It turns out that Gamestop and EB Games have both updated their Persona 3 listings. The pre-order is listed for $49.99 with a ship date of July 24th. It’s worth noting that this about a month later than Atlus has listed before. It remains to be seen which is the correct date.

Of special note is that the game is listed as a “Special Edition”. Both sites claim that, while supplies last, Persona 3 will be packaged with a soundtrack and an official art book. The site seems to imply that this is something Atlus itself is doing based upon the wording. If you’re interested in these items, it’s probably a safe bet to pre-order the game as soon as you are able.

Thanks to Eric for pointing this out to us.

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