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The purpose of this Lexicon is to collect every last important term used throughout the MegaTen universe. This is a massive task and will take quite a bit of time to fully complete.

Due to MegaTen's obviously heavy Japanese theme, as well as the various mythological references, it can be difficult to remember what every last thing of importance actually refers to. Many of the terms are similarly spelled or written in a way that's not standard for the English language... I can barely remember how to spell a good deal of them offhand.

So I'm hoping this will be pretty damn useful. As of right now, all the terms are organized by letter, regardless of the game they are originally from. I plan on having some sort of game specific Lexicon pages finished eventually.

Please keep in mind that this section contains heavy spoilers in order to explain certain things. If you do not want something ruined for you, do not look it up.