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Author Topic: The database will soon be multilingual! So what next?? (Read 3318 times)
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yksehtniycul phones it in,
 « on: February 13, 2009, 01:50:03 AM »
As everyone who visits the website probably already knows, we've been working making our database available in Spanish. That's pretty cool, but Spanish has really just been a test, and soon we will be finished making the website completely multilingual.

Only problem is, the website can't translate itself, so we also need contributors as usual to help us make the website available to peoples all over the world.

Even though the website seems as popular as ever, our user community (if you can call it that) has not been very vocal over the last few months since the website nearly disappeared from the internet. I know some people think the website must be forever tarnished, because Tony gave up on it, but fortunately Jose who Tony left the website to, decided it would be better in the hands of people who cared about it.

I know I'm not a very charming presence here... at least not for our past users. I'm not a replacement for Tony, and I'm not interested in being an charismatic leader, but I make the website work... and work better than ever -- technically that is at least. I for one wish Tony would come back to the website in some capacity, but he seems to have made up his mind to not return after forsaking the website.

I'm not so sure what to do with it myself, other than keep it working. In the meantime, one of the few things I reckon we could do for sure is translate the website into as many languages as possible, so everyone around the world can enjoy it. I've also been thinking, since we can't find anyone to write for the website, instead maybe we could just aggregate from other writers blogs, and promise to them in turn to translate their blogs so that they reach a wider audience. We can also consider sharing ad revenue with some bloggers.

I think maybe if we did that, people might regard the website more warmly, and see it as doing more than simply providing information usually available elsewhere on the internet.

I'm not sure when the right time will be, but eventually I want to step past the "Reincarnation" phase of the website, and I will make a new temporary forum to replace it called "The Conception", and try to reach out to the community and see what it would like to see done with the website. Regardless the website does not appear as popular as it should be, and that is a serious problem. We get a ton of internet traffic for a site like this, but it just doesn't manifest itself in the form of what feels like a tangible community... especially here in the forums.

Never mind the rest, if anyone is out there lurking about, we'd like to hear from you. Especially if you read and write at least two languages fairly well -- or know someone who does! We really need you to help us bring some life back into this place rainbow

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