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Author Topic: where is the damned king frost??? (Read 7209 times)

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serph phones it in,
 « on: March 07, 2008, 05:35:54 PM »
hi guys, I'm on my first run through DDS1, and just doin some backtracking to achieve more strenght before the karma temple... I'm lost in coordinate 136, tring to find the titania, but the more I try the more I find myself outta way. I try to find her after defeating the boss on rooftop, the two pyros are waiting in the hall, and so I reach the 4th floor, platform on the left, but it's not taking me to this lady-in-green... which passage I'm missing, please?? could anyone please post an image of where to go to reach her??? It would be very nice...


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DevilRy phones it in,
 « Reply #1 on: March 08, 2008, 06:41:07 AM »
When you walk into the room with the four elevators (the puzzle where you get the two princes to face each other) take the elevator right in front of the entrance to this room.  The Titania is at the end of a hallway.  Talk to her, defeat her, then take the key back to the entrance with the two Jack Lanterns.  Then hike all the way up to the top of the tower and fight King Frost.

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