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Author Topic: Everyone Happy Holidays! (Read 5677 times)
Tragic Idiot.

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Soulless_Beast phones it in,
 « on: November 22, 2006, 01:55:47 PM »
How's life for everyone here? I still can't get over why you let me come back... Ah well. If anyone sees or hears from heat tell him I'm sorry for the Bull I caused. I was being weak. But anyway. If you celebrate Thanksgiving have a good one. If not then I hope your day goes well nonetheless. Either way I'm still exploring even more things about the Adobe suites so I can't send anything right now. It's not good enough for you. Heh. I'll prob still be a stranger but I wont forget anyone here. Wish you all the best. Thanks.:hobbes: yin-yang :moveeye:

Pandas on the storm.... Pandas on the storm.... Into this house we roam. Then to the streets we run. When the peeps aren't having fun it's to us they first shall come. Pandas on the storm... YEAH!

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