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1  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Poor Tatsuya.. on: November 14, 2008, 07:31:05 PM
I can see it in katsuya's eyes..
"Brother I told you so..."

I wonder what the MurderCase in ohio means though..
2  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Poor Tatsuya.. on: November 14, 2008, 05:18:50 PM
This might be a waste of a post or whatnot but when I found this image it made me feel kinda down.. Maybe this would have been the way it ended for tatsuya if he would have never gotten his persona and found his friends or maybe this was his fate after he saved the world.. Theres a little blood but we play shin megami tensei so this is nothing to us..
3  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Persona 2 will be reprinted! on: November 14, 2008, 05:16:31 PM
Lucky for me I got the game before persona 3 came out and for only 20 bucks plus the special cd. dazed
4  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Megaten Hell / favorite shin megami tensei or spinoff.. on: April 28, 2008, 03:12:18 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm just curious which is everyone's favourite.

I played digital devil saga as my first shin megami tensei and from there I played the second episode and then I found nocturne. I've played the persona spin offs and even devil summoner but they don't even come close to the shin megami tensei main series to me.
As for my favorite of the 3.. Well its hard to choose.. I liked 3 because of its customization the best but story wise I loved The first shin megami tensei the best..
The second one was epic but it just didn't touch the story that the first shin megami tensei hit me with and I even liked the story and atmosphere in the first shin megami better than 3.
5  Be Your True Mind / The Turnstile / Re: How old are you? on: April 18, 2008, 07:33:32 PM
19 and in america.
6  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: IS english patch! on: April 18, 2008, 07:29:59 PM
Keep up the good work gemini.
were rooting for you!!!!!
7  Be Your True Mind / Digital Millennium / Re: Current Favorite Anime. on: April 18, 2008, 08:17:54 AM
Elfen lied
Wolf's Rain
Paranoia agent
Welcome to the nhk
Samurai champloo
cowboy bebop
8  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Persona anime on: April 17, 2008, 09:23:17 PM
The age thing is kinda bullish.
I mean maya and group could use persona's and I know baofu had to be running over 30 also didn't villians use persona's and they were over a certain age.
9  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Megaten Hell / Re: Reprint on: April 17, 2008, 08:56:49 PM
I already Had a copy for a year so ehh.
The thing I want them to reprint here is innocent sin in english and
devil summoner soul hackers.
10  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: FES Review on: April 10, 2008, 09:53:52 PM
I couldn't watch that show when I used to without them pulling out some halo or gears of war crap on me and when that wasn't coming out then it was final fantasy. I make my own choices when it came to the games I played.
11  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Megaten Hell / Re: Shin Megami Tensei: Kahn? (Manga) on: April 06, 2008, 10:05:01 PM
Nice collection.
12  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Persona 4 for ps2 on: April 06, 2008, 10:03:00 PM
I never played the original persona(Only red the script) and I never had the honor of playing persona 2 innocent sin. but I did play persona 2 eternal punishment and persona 3 and I say persona 2 was the best so far.
The characters personalities, story, persona's and battle system had me hooked from the beginning after I ordered it off ebay. I played and beat this game 4 months before persona 3 came out and if not for this game I would have never gotten persona 3(I thought it looked stupid).
13  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Persona anime on: April 06, 2008, 09:59:24 PM
I know the story is boring so far and the characters are bland but they could just do something to make the character's more interesting or show a little darkside to them. As far as cameos even go at this rate not even a appearance from philemon or minato himself could keep my attention on this anime.
14  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Persona anime on: April 06, 2008, 12:06:22 AM
I just downloaded and installed veoh tv so thats how I've been following this..
Guess I can watch this episode to see this..
Kinda sad they showed him and now were trying to stomach this..
15  MEGAMI TENSEI™ Uncensored / Velvet Room / Re: Who already pre-order? on: April 04, 2008, 02:22:59 AM
Did it three months ago..
I live in the city and so I preordered in case.
Along with baroque.
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