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Title: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: Bluer on June 11, 2009, 02:31:50 AM
Guys and gals, I came across a website that had a database of all the Personae from Megami Ibunroku Persona / Revelations Persona, and it can even list them according to the versions (original/translated). I'm looking for it so I could complete the MegatenWikia's Persona 1 localization changes database. Do you know where I can find it?

Thanks you all in advance  :hearton:

Title: Re: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: yksehtniycul on June 11, 2009, 05:30:02 AM
Do you mean this?

It was a prototype for actually turning this website into a "database" I developed. But no one really showed any excitement for databasing megaten once the tech was actually up and going. Presently there isn't enough info entered to take it out of the construction area (ie. give it a proper home on the website)

That is the final URL, but it is not linked to on the website, other than being listed in the Under Construction pages.

Nevertheless I'd like to see it finished (sufficiently so) in anticipation of the upcomming PSP MIP release. Though that doesn't seem to be in the cards so far.

It does have all the Persona names however. I must warn you though the "English" names have never appeared in any games as such. They are the academic names which would be the root link in our mostly hypothetical "Encyclopedia" database.

In case this is not what you're looking for, sorry for wasting your time :smokin:

PS: I'd like to speak with you before you go about mirroring your wiki somehow. Websites like this one are really dinosaurs. They just can't grow like a wiki does, still there is a certain virtue in maintaining them as authoritative sources / collection of resources. Anyway, I'd like to make the website more of a hybrid between a proper site and a wiki. I was thinking your wiki seems like the best candidate. Basically we would just cache info from your wiki and show it on our website in a very straightforward way with no editing widgets, sidebar, of wikia advertisements (assuming wikia is ok with that)

Title: Re: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: yksehtniycul on June 11, 2009, 05:37:55 AM
PS: Be careful with the names using that database, because I just noticed a bug I did not know of. The graphics always load correctly I think, but it seems possible for the info to get confused somehow. So if you go back and forward a lot in the viewer, it's possible you'll be looking at a graphic that doesn't match the info. It's the info that is bad, but if you're not going by the graphics, then it might not matter :razz:

Title: Re: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: Bluer on June 11, 2009, 09:17:35 AM
Oh yes! I knew it! It really is within the Digital Devil Database - because you see I am very sure it was in DDD but I kept searching and could never find it  :dazed:

Thanks! And oh, that would explain why sometimes Pixie shows up as Seimen Kongou...hah hah  :nolaff:

When you're saying the "English" names have never appeared in any games, are you saying that the English Persona names wasn't the names used in Revelations: Persona? I'm actually in the midst of listing changes between Ibunroku and Revelations. Or maybe you're talking about the unofficial English translation? If that's so, don't worry, I know Japanese kana and kanji well enough  :ninja:

As for mirroring site/wiki content, Wikia has the policy of "everything written in a Wikia wiki is GNU licensed" as written in . I still have a hard time grasping whatever that means, though I think it means that anything written there can be rewritten and modified as long as its free distribution and attributed to the wikia wiki. As for the megaten wikia itself, I've dictated a policy of "when writing content, don't copy; rephrase" - which I am close to giving up seeing that it's hard to find copied content so I just let things stride once in a while. I've contacted sumarucity when I found out some contents in there mirror the wiki, but turns out it was the same author in sumarucity writing in the wiki. Quite an embarrassment really.  :sweatdrop: So yeah, I guess it'll be nothing of a biggie....well I dunno about wikia though...

Title: Re: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: yksehtniycul on June 11, 2009, 02:43:23 PM
It's just my personal impression, but I think the old Haven (popanime/sumarucity) wiki is fairly tainted by the reputation/legacy of that whole strain of Megaten nerdom on the internet. This site has always been pretty dispassionate, and as long as I'm admin I'll see that it remains as much so as possible. So I think truthfully, "your" wiki, and the support it has received so far as very positive for Megaten documentation remaining alive on the internet. I still think our site can provide a vital function (if the people want it!!) as an authoritative source (just anyone can't post stuff on our site) and as centralized hub for the non-Japanese enthusiasts.

The main benefit we have versus your wiki is this site can be made to do anything, whereas the format of the wiki is pretty straight jacketed. Nevertheless an alliance of sorts would be great. Especially if we could somehow get some of your contributors into our forums / maybe even helping to contribute to this website.

Our article format is fairly different from a wiki. We're not designed to be a web of links that people jump to willy-nilly, but instead the format is layers and layers of increasing information rich documentation. You know, more traditional. It would be nice to get the whole database angle in check one of these days, but only time will tell.

I will try to fix that bug now that I'm aware of it btw. Especially if we get a significant more amount of data to feed into the database. Wolfzau was working on it, but he may have run out of steam.

If you want the tarot card graphics for the Persona let me know. I'm actually supposed to rename them for our database so I can add them to that viewer. That's what I promised Wolfzau at least.

Title: Re: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: Bluer on June 11, 2009, 09:58:14 PM
I've faced that situation before. I'm pretty much a dispassionate sort... no, I'm mostly unfeeling/robotic when it comes to MegaTen. I keep a "be a fan, not a fanboy" stance, and it pretty much clashed with some of the previous editors whose MegaTen Japanophiliac nerdgasm tried to dictate how the wiki should be run. I pretty much reversed that, losing some valuable resources on the way, but like I said in my userpage there I try to keep a balance on fanboyism, especially since the founder himself is away and couldn't actually decide on the way the wiki should document its content. I try not to assert ownership as per Wikia policy, but it's really hard when someone else does, so a wiki is pretty much a paradox on itself.

...Aaaanyway, since DDD is linked to our sidebar all the time, I'm sure our editors have access to this site. But, honestly, I can't seem to find the link to these forums. I usually click on the forum discussion link on your news blurbs to enter, so yeah there's a bit of a navigation concern there. But overall, I think you guys did a very good job documenting the MegaTen information, especially all those obscure news about fan localization and stuff.

You're right, the architecture of the wiki is pretty much fixed, and it's heavily dependent on the Wikia server: very frustrating when they suddenly decide to update without notice. But fortunately the support team is there, and I've pretty much worked with wikis for a long time to know how it operates. I guess it depends on what we're familiar with.

Yes, I'm looking forward to have the Persona database here working. I'd like to iron out the format and database in the wiki first before I could work with any images and graphics, but I would love to have the tarot card graphics, so yes please.

Title: Re: MI Persona Database thing
Post by: yksehtniycul on June 12, 2009, 05:19:09 AM
Your effort will definitely avoid implosion by shying away from the impulse to form a post-apocalyptic nerd road-warrior gang of nomads.... but at the same time you run the risk of not appearing to be explosive either, and the nerds will shun you, as is their antisocial nature. Truthfully what really defines nerd pathology is an inability to be functional with otherwise perfectly functional people. Immaturity comes in all shapes and sizes :rainbow:

As for finding the message boards from the main site... we ("I") run a pretty organized operation. Just look for "Bulletin Boards" in the sidebar. It's a top-level page. If you want to get here directly, then bookmark it. We make you jump thru all kinds of hoops coming thru the frontdoor to make sure you understand anything goes in this bbs, and also that you really can feel safe here. The only no no is bullying. Real stalking/harassment/petty/uninstigated/uncalled for (and yet all too common) bullying. Also, non-spam content is never pulled here.