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Title: STICKY: Translators
Post by: yksehtniycul on March 13, 2009, 12:27:39 AM
This thread is for announcements intended for all translators.

Below is just a list of our translators, and their WordPress user IDs and privileges.

014 Emilio Morales (Spanish)
237 VMee (Italian)
235 wolfzau (Chinese)
??? rokosu3 (Spanish)
239 Dantess (French)

Title: Re: STICKY: Translators
Post by: yksehtniycul on March 14, 2009, 07:59:01 PM
Finally, here is an information page for pages (not posts!) Which can used to copy page content over into new page translation posts.

I will eventually add more bells and whistles to it, but you can't change anything from this page.

For now to get info on a page, you have to put the page's uri (the url without the part) in the address bar like this:

It will forgive you for the first and last slash not being there, but don't put in the "permalink" variable, and don't have any arguments on the end, ie. after a ? or &. Also don't include languages on the end of the url like /es/ (Spanish) ...though someday it might handle that (but it won't work for now)

Eventually I will put a field on the page, so you can just put a url in it and hit a button. But this should be easy enough for now.

Also when you copy stuff from some pages, if you see paragraphs without <p> tags around them, or similar such things. You will need to add them in your translation (or it won't look right) ...but also let us know, and I will try to fix that page's original content.

Again, all you need to do to translate a page, is create a new post. Find the page you want to translate. Copy that pages uri. Go to this special page, and add ?permalink=(paste the uri you copied here -- sans any odd stuff on the end). Then hit enter, and it should bring up the html for the page you want to translate. To be sure, you can click on the link created, and make sure it goes to the page you want. Then you just need to copy all the text in the textbox into the new post you've setup in your WordPress user interface. Then just replace the wordy parts with your translated words, and change your post's status to "Pending Review", and you're good.

edited: Also this will only work for pages that can be translated. For special page, eg. the one we're discussing, I've prevented their content from being displayed. They cannot be translated by normal means anyway.

I know all these words make it sound complicated, but it's really as simple as can be. I just want to make everything perfectly clear. At any rate...

Any questions?!

Title: Re: STICKY: Translators
Post by: yksehtniycul on April 03, 2009, 06:54:10 PM

If you login, then goto:

From now on your administration pages should be in French (same goes for other languages)

This will no longer effect the rest of the website (I hope) so it is safe for everyone to do from now on. In the future I will try to make this a profile option, but I have bigger fish to fry for now~

Title: Re: STICKY: Translators
Post by: yksehtniycul on April 07, 2009, 07:30:34 PM
I've created special forum groups for translators. The number of flag icons you get is shared by the whole language group, and represents how relatively far along that language has come due to the work of our translators. I will try to make the flags look a little better sometime as well. If I left anyone out who has done some work for the website, let me know.